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Spring Learning’s Baby Pass: One Month of Unlimited Classes!

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Just for mamas of tiny tots, Spring Learning is offering up a pass to sign up for unlimited classes for $2,700!

It’s unbelievable how fast babies learn and grow. One minute they are swaddled like a little burrito, making your toes curl with their sweet little newborn coos and gurgles. And in the blink of an eye, they are becoming a little person, all their own, able to express themselves either by pointing to the yoghurt when they’re hungry or by scampering away from you while belting out a maniacal giggle after just having escaped your burnt-out grip, mid-diaper change. Yep, your baby’s brain and motor skills are constantly developing. They are taking everything in. Though still so very small, they are capable of so much.

Spring Learning understands how important it is to expose little ones to early learning techniques and stimulating environments during the crucial growth years. Their primary goal is to help babies and young children reach their learning and development potential. How do they do this? By creating an environment where children participate in a balanced mix of properly designed stimulation activities, and also giving the caregiver the appropriate tools and knowledge to supplement the process.

Spring Learning offers an array of engaging development programs to kids from 0-6 years old. Babies and kids can have loads of fun learning and developing skills through a variety of classes such as dance, drama, sport, cooking, music, art, sensory, Kindyroo and Mandarin… to name a few.

And in the month of October, all you mamas of little ones ages 0-18 months can take advantage of Spring Learning’s Baby Pass—unlimited access to KindyROO and Sensory classes for the entire month.

The Baby Pass not only gives busy parents more options and the flexibility to fit classes into their packed schedules, but also gives those little brains maximum opportunity to benefit from Spring’s proven neurophysiological development and sensory integration techniques. And by being able to attend several classes within the month, your tiny tot will gain the advantages, which come from repeating activities. This so called targeted repetition strengthens connections between neurons in your child’s brain. Research has indicated that children with strong neurophysiological development and integration of the senses will be more equipped to excel academically.

And every mama wants to give their child the best possible chance for a happy, healthy, successful future. Take advantage of this unlimited Baby Pass and help your child to reach their maximum potential by visiting Spring Learning.

All the details…

When: Pass is good from Monday, 19 October to Sunday, 15 November 2015. Subject to availability.
Where: 3/F, Centre Point, 181-185 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
How much: $2,700

Spring Learning 3/F, Centre Point, 181-185 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 3465 5000,

Brought to you in partnership with Spring Learning

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