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Stride-Rite Comes to Hong Kong: New Causeway Bay Store

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Did you know the bones in your little one’s feet are not fully developed until age five? What about that a baby’s feet do not have arches and that arches do not start to develop until 2 years old? Or what about that most adults with foot problems can point to their childhood footwear as the culprit?

Now that Little J is on her way to walking these are just a few of the things I’m starting to learn. Who knew that small feet require such big care??

So when the folks at Stride Rite got in touch about their brand new store in Causeway Bay (the first HK shop for the US brand) I let out a huge sigh of relief….

Those of you from the US will no doubt be familiar with Stride Rite – they’ve been the go-to brand for children’s shoes for over 90 years.  Their special S.T.E.P system (which stands for Scientifically Tested, Everyday Proven) is designed to keep tiny toes happy – and helps moms make the best choice for footwear for every key developmental stage of their children.

We love that their entire collection – every single shoe – is created from an in-depth knowledge of how children walk and grow.  We also love that all the Stride Rite specialists undergo extensive training to ensure your little one gets a proper fit – which isn’t just for comfort, but also ensures healthy foot development.

Their STEP system makes shoe shopping a whole load easier for parents. STEP 1 is for Pre-Walkers, STEP 2 is for Early Walkers, and STEP 3 is for those little ones who are Off and Running. I just took this quickie test they have on their site and have learned that J – who is cruising up a storm – is actually STEP 2.

Stride Rite, Shop 216A, Windsor House, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2890 9228
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am – 10pm

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