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Take a Deep Breath and Sit Down Before Reading This… Hong Kong’s Air Pollution Problem

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Did you know that air pollution is Hong Kong’s most serious public health crisis, killing over 1,100 people every year?

If you have even the slightest pulse you are painfully aware of the serious air pollution problem in our fair city…it’s bad, people. Really, really bad.  The Clean Air Network just released the results of its parent surveylast week at a press conference led by Dr. Alfred Tam, Chairman of the Hong Kong Asthma Society.

Here’s a look at some of the (freakin’ sobering) findings of the survey which was conducted in pediatricians’ offices in HK:

*91% of parents think the current poor air quality threatens their children’s health
*81% found it more severe when compared to 3 years ago
*31% of the parents surveyed had children with chronic coughs
*96% think the government should spend more to clean up the air

Another interesting tidbit from the survey – 34% of parents have contemplated leaving HK for the sake of their child’s health due to air pollution.  I know every now and then the idea of clear skies in sweltering Singapore seems kinda nice. Check out the full findings of the survey on CAN’s website.

Outraged?  Want to help?  Step one is to sign CAN’s petition here.

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