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Top 5 Strollers for Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a tough city for strollers – hills, steep steps, tons of escalators, the need to get baby, groceries and stroller into a taxi in 30 seconds flat while the driver taps his foot impatiently… All these factors mean that a lot of models that are beloved elsewhere (helllooo bugaboo!) can be a downright hassle in this city.

Lots of mamas get round the problem by using a combo of a sling/baby carrier plus a stroller, or by having two strollers – one for when baby is really tiny and needs something more secure and snuggly (this is usually more heavy-duty) and a lightweight “umbrella” stroller for quick trips out and when baby is older. For the purposes of putting together our Top 5 though, we’ve assumed a “What if you could only have ONE?” approach. This means our picks are great all-rounders and meet our Sassy Mama “light, foldable, practical” criteria! And believe us, we’re tough customers…

pTRU1-16760057enh-z6Graco City Lite

What’s Right with It:

  • You can fold it up with one hand (and no feet involved) without needing to bend over at all, by pushing just one button.
  • Once it’s folded it can stand up by itself, so it’s great for traveling with.
  • It’s super light-weight – 4.5kg or 10lbs. Perfect for mamas who don’t hit the gym as often as they should!
  • The big basket underneath is great for storing shopping bags
  • Reasonable price and quite easy to clean
  • Can recline to fully horizontal
  • Single bar handle makes it easy to navigate one-handed for those moments when you’re juggling lots of things (or talking on the phone!).

What’s Wrong with It:

  • While it has an option to turn baby around to face you, the maneuverability in this configuration quite simply sucks, especially if you’re winding your way through Hong Kong crowds.
  • It’s not all that cute. While it’s available in lots of different colour combo’s, it somehow just doesn’t make our heart sing when it comes to design.

Weight: 4.5kgs/10lbs
Appropriate from:
2-3 months
Price: $
Available from: 
Toys ‘R’ US


Maclaren Dylan’s Candy Bar  (based on Volo frame)

What’s Right with It:

  • Fun, colourful and full of personality, this is one stroller you’ll be proud to push!
  • Super-duper light, this is the perfect day-out stroller. Once folded it has a strap you can pop over your shoulder so you can carry it along with you.
  • Single bar handle for easy one-handed navigation.
  • Maclaren really do accessories well – you can switch in and out seat covers, add mesh bags and cup holders to the handle, and still keep things sleek.
  • Maclaren have a service centre in Sheung Wan where you can get all parts replaced, so you don’t need to worry about any problems!

What’s Wrong with It:

  • Our bug-bear with Maclaren is that to fold their strollers, you have to bend right over forwards – not all that practical if you’re carrying a heavy (possibly screaming and wiggly) baby.
  • Doesn’t recline, so better for slightly older babies who won’t be napping in it so much.

Weight: 4kg/8.8lbs
Appropriate from:
6 months
Available from:
Maclaren Store

aprica-laura-680-4WF-stroller-bk-p1-800x800Aprica Laura

What’s Right with It:

  • Single bar handle for easy one-handed navigation.
  • Reversible handlebar so baby can face you or face out without needing to move them.
  • One-handed fold down – collapses small enough to fit easily into a taxi.
  • Works right from birth, unlike some other lightweight strollers.
  • Better quality than the Graco, as it’s made in Japan whereas the Graco is made in China. Feels sturdier than the Graco.

What’s Wrong with It:

  • Like the Graco City Lite, it’s not very “designy”
  • Lots of nooks and crannies to keep clean.
  • Quite pricey compared to the Maclaren and Graco.

Weight: 5.8kg/13lbs
Appropriate from:
0 months
Available from:
Eugene Club


Bugaboo Bee

What’s Right with It:

  • If you’ve just GOT TO have a Bugaboo (and we don’t blame you – they’re the cutest out there) despite their bulk and weight, go for the Bee model. The lightest and nimblest of Bugaboos, this is a gorgeous piece of engineering that hubby will go nuts over.
  • Totally customizable with tons of add-ons (get the cocoon to work for newborns), reclining positions and an adjustable (and reversible) handle, this stroller works hard for your money.
  • Take just the chassis with you and clip your car-seat onto it for outings that don’t have to interrupt naptime.

What’s Wrong with It:

  • Compared with the rest of our Top 5, the Bugaboo Bee is a heavy-weight. We think it’s a great choice for mamas who plan to drive themselves (or be driven!) and their babies around rather than those who taxi or MTR around town.
  • You need two hands to fold it up, and to bend down to ground level.
  • It’s super-pricey

Weight: 8.5kg/18.5lbs
Appropriate from:
Newborn (with the cocoon attachment)
Available from:
Bumps to Babes, Mothercare

Quinny Zap

What’s Right with It:

  • Can be used in combination with the Maxi-Cosi car seat (sold separately) which is so popular in Hong Kong you would think it were the only one available!
  • Its 3-wheel design makes it pretty nifty for steering around town, and little ones who always like to see what’s going on will like the positioning of the relatively high seat.

What’s Wrong with It:

  • No reclining position, and it’s a more vertical stroller than most.
  • Folding this down and holding a baby would be pretty tough – it needs you to press two buttons on the side, bend forward, and then you still need to deal with collapsing the middle chassis to get it fully folded.

Weight: 5.8kg/13lbs
Appropriate from:
6 months (though if you use the Maxi-Cosi attachment it can work from newborn)
Available from
: Bumps to Babes

We’d love to know what you think of our Top 5 – do you have any other suggestions that we’ve missed? Or do you hate any of the ones we’ve recommended?

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