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Trans-Seasonal Pregnancy: What to Wear in All Types of Weather

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Jasmine Smith of Dress Me Blog Me gives us 3 items that will carry you and your pregnant belly fashionably through any season!

Changing season without having to change your entire wardrobe is a maternity MUST! Keeping in mind one’s maternity selection is usually on the smaller size in terms of quantity anyway, working with your precious few items to cope with the ever changing weather cycle is KEY to a thoroughly functional maternity wardrobe. Here’s three items that will see you through ANY change of season and how to wear them throughout.




MY PICK: Isabella Oliver – Funnel Neck Coat with Waist Tie


PRICE: $2,305

SPRING:  The heat is increasing, but not yet limiting!  Wear your coat over top some deliciously light silk for a cool contrast of textures.

SUMMER:  Every inner ‘Wonder-Woman’ will agree with me on this one – A black coat worn in a ‘cape-style’ is the ONLY way to go during Summer!  The plus side is that you can also find a little shelter under your coat in those situations where the Hong Kong air-conditioning is blasting enough to be likened to the South Pole (supermarkets, cinema’s, taxi’s!)  This Isabella Oliver coat is easy to fold into a bag or hang over your tote, making it the perfect air-con combating accessory!

AUTUMN:  While the weather’s getting cooler, you’re still going to have to style your coat to suit the season.  I suggest rolling and slightly scrunching up the sleeves for a casual but still finely tuned appearance.  The bare arms will ensure you look and feel appropriately dressed for the warm(ish) weather

WINTER:  Quite simply – put it on!  No draping or scrunching or styling needed!  Winter is the time where we can fully embrace the perfection of a classic black coat!




MY PICK: The Classic White Shirt by HATCH

SHOP AT: Hatch 

PRICE: HK$1224

SPRING: This is the perfect time to draw attention to your assets via an open neckline.  Undo your white shirt buttons to your desired level, allowing for breathability and some subtle but effective breast/chest visibility.

SUMMER: Try tying your shirt around the base of your bump to create an uber cool casual vibe AND to subtly cover up your hips if you’re not in the mood to show them off.  You’ll also find this is a great alternative to a long cardi or a more traditionally used jacket or sweater tied around your hips.

AUTUMN:  Now rolled up sleeves are a great way of framing the centre of your body with the line that is created across your forearm and therefore belly.  Make three big rolls up your arms to ensure the eye is drawn to the centre of your beautiful mama-to-be-body!

WINTER:  I love a good high buttoned shirt!  It is the perfect canvas for drawing attention UP to your face. Add a divine statement necklace or broach at the nape of your neck and you’ll easily transform that white shirt into a covetable part of your ensemble.



MY PICK: Maternity Faux Leather Skirt by MAYARYA

SHOP AT: Mayarya

PRICE: HK$1290

SPRING:  You are NEARLY in the hot zone, so wearing your mini without any stockings can still be done, as can wearing shoes that completely cover the foot.  Try a pair of stylish street sneakers for a cool on-the-go health vibe.

SUMMER:  Let your legs be on SHOW!  A flowing top, a little mini and a pair of statement gladiator sandals will work WONDERS for any stylish mama out there!  Not a fan of gladiators?  Swap those for a metallic pair of flats – the colour will work to lengthen the leg and flatter your over all shape.

AUTUMN: An autumn ankle boot with calf-height sock just showing slightly will make for an unexpected and equally weather worthy style when worn with a mini.  Give it a try!

WINTER:  Why not work some thigh high flats into your mini wearing ways?  Add a pair of black tights underneath to keep the look appropriately covered, skin-on-show is not going to work in your favour alongside the thigh-highs!  Get this right and you will be completely yummy-mummy material without a doubt!


Lead image sourced via Pinterest, all other images sourced via respective websites.

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