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Summer Vacation Activities: Travel Journals for Kids

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Adventure is out there…

If you are off on holiday with your family this summer, why not encourage your kids to capture their memories in a travel journal? Not only is this a great thing to show friends and relatives back home, it becomes a keepsake to treasure as they grow older. It also keeps up writing and creativity skills whilst you are away. Double win!

So, what are the guidelines to getting the most out of journaling?

It is no secret that kids love stationery, so this is the place to start! Go and choose a lovely book together, some new coloured pens to use, maybe some stickers or craft supplies too. Don’t forget to pack a small pencil case to take on holiday with you including all-important scissors, glue and sticking tape.

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Collect mementos as you go to glue into the journal.

Ticket stubs, leaflets, pressed flowers, photographs and postcards are all perfect. Hotels often have nice stickers or luggage labels. Some obliging passport officials might even agree to stamp journals which is a nice touch. Make it as visually exciting as possible.

Set aside some quiet time each day for journaling

You don’t want your kids to feel they are missing out on other fun activities, so whilst you are all winding down from the day, have your kiddo write down the day’s adventures. Maybe set aside a reading hour where everyone writes in their journals and can read their books when they are finished.

Family Highlights

Before you get writing, discuss as a family what you did during the day. What were each family member’s highlights? You can use this discussion to begin to structure out the entry. Like all writing, starting with a plan helps shape and form the words. Concise but interesting entries are better than ill-conceived waffle!

Not an English lesson!

Don’t be tempted to correct your child’s grammar and spelling. This diary should be a place for them to express their creativity and not feel constrained. There is plenty of time for English lessons and worksheets back home. Journal writing should be fun and never feel like a chore.

Keep it age appropriate

If your child is too young to write up full entries, they don’t need to miss out on making a journal. Each day they can choose a few words or memories to write and then have lots of fun sticking in their keepsakes.

Keep up the momentum

Often journals are started with good intentions, but tail off towards the end of the holidays. Keep encouraging your child to persevere to the end. Your children will thank you in the end when they have a full and fabulous record of their travels to show to everyone back home.

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