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#SoSassy: The Newest Mom Jeans, Vegans Save On Meat, Sesame Street’s Autism Awareness and more

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What we’re loving this week…

There have been some pretty funny and interesting things out on the Interweb this week. Take a look at our favourite picks as they’ve had us on the floor laughing, warmed our hearts, or given us food for thought.

The Latest Fad: Clear Knee Mom Jeans

clear knee mom jeans

We’ve seen some pretty horrific trends in our day but this one takes the cake! Topshop has come out with the “Clear Knee Mom Jeans”. We’re dead serious mamas, that’s the actual name of the product. Twitter trolls all over the Internet have been howling over what is clearly (pun intended!) a fashion crime. Unless you’re planning on kneeling in muddy puddles (a la Peppa Pig), make sure to check out trends we’re actually loving in the links below!

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Save on Meat, Vegans!

vegans save on meat

Talk about a big “oopsie!” A Reddit user found this brand of vegan “mayonnaise” with a special discount at his local grocery store with one teeny little issue… the coupon offers $1 off meat. Newsflash, vegans don’t eat animal products! #fail Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian or just choose to be on certain days of the week, we’ve got you and your fam covered. We promise there won’t be meat coupons at these places below!

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Sesame Street Introduces it’s a New Muppet, Julia

For more than 50 years, Sesame Street has been a household staple for many generations. The beloved characters, and timeless storylines have been “Sweeping the clouds away,” for five decades. It’s no surprise our childhood TV icons such as Elmo and Cookie Monster are now our bubbas’ favourites, too. With World Autism Awareness Day coming up in a few weeks on Sunday, 2 April, Sesame Street has introduced a new Muppet on the block, Julia who is autistic. Through its various songs and stories, young viewers will learn acceptance and empathy whilst finding commonalities amongst their peers. We are definitely on board with that!

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Dads Affirm Daughters

Whip out the tissues, mamas. This one’s a real tearjerker. Inspired by a viral video of a dad speaking out words of affirmation to his daughter and having her repeat them, The Scene, created its own version with a heartwarming touch. There’s nothing that we love more than a daddy who loves his kids!

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There you have it, mamas… our #sosassy picks of the week!

Featured image sourced via Sesame Street, image 1 via Top Shop, image 2 via Reddit

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