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#SoSassy: Teacher Pranks Students, Grandma’s Water Bottle Trick and more!

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Our favourite April Fool’s Day pranks this year!

Every week we’re rounding up our favourite viral videos and trending articles that have us asking, “Have you seen this?!” to everyone we come across with. Take a look at our top three favourite April Fool’s Day pranks this week that have had us on the floor laughing!

The Hardest Spelling Test Ever

This Michigan teacher played the ultimate prank on his students this April Fool’s with a surprise spelling test. With “words” like “blorskee” and “speenuch” he is definitely Teacher of the Year material! The pop quiz came a few days before April 1st making sure his prank was under the radar. Watch as he reads out the answers to the spelling test all while keeping a straight face!

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Water Bottle Prank

This grandma and grandpa are the ultimate couple #goals. Check it out as this woman plays the viral water bottle prank on her unsuspecting husband. Her laugh is contagious and his reaction is hilarious… talk about being a good sport! He definitely deserves a night out with his lady after this trick!

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Toddler and Dad “Shave” Their Head

We can’t get over whether we love that this dad pulled every mama’s worst nightmare prank more or the fact that he also included his toddler. Let me set the stage, mum works as a trauma unit nurse and had left dad at home with their toddler. In a series of texts, hubby reveals that their toddler somehow got hold of the hair clippers, gave himself a trim and ended up inconsolable with the results. Dad comes to the rescue and decides to “shave” his head to make his kiddo feel better. The messages from mum go from disbelief to full out panic (as any mama would!). Thankfully, this was all an elaborate photoshop prank. We can’t guarantee that this papa may or may not have ended up in the dog house after!

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Happy belated, April Fools!

Featured image source via Refinery29.

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