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All I Want for Christmas – Mama Edition!

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What did you ask Santa for, mamas?

The kids have written their letters to Santa. You’ve fought the crowds at the malls, on busy sidewalks, and have also spent hours online finishing up all that holiday shopping. You’ve done all you can to make sure those you love have smiles on their faces come Christmas morning. Now, what about you? Sure, we mums are always happy to receive the handmade ornaments, foam picture frames and painted totes our kids make for us every year (at least we “act” happy). Who doesn’t love a heartfelt gift? But, let’s be honest, those things probably wouldn’t be on our letters to Santa. So what would we want?

andrea-circleI’d love a Canon PowerShot G7 X camera. Occasionally (aka ALL THE TIME) I like to film my family engaging in all types of shenanigans and then post those ridiculous videos for all the world to see. I have a great big heavy DSLR, which I love, but it’s not ideal for grab and go type of shooting, and though my iPhone does a pretty good job of capturing stuff on the go, this little ditty is the big daddy of digital cameras with really fantastic image quality and a whole slew of cool, advanced features.


A nice tall Tea Cup like this one from Gift Boutique– why are all tea cups so small?? I would also like a list of all my friends and family’s top 3 book recommendations of 2015  – to go along with my new tall tea cup.





A Tickle and Kiss Glass Set! It is pretty much tradition at our house to end our weekend with a cocktail on our balcony around sunset (Eve has even learned to say ‘it’s cocktail hour!’). Gin and Tonic’s are our drink of choice (for Eve its Apple juice) so I love the idea of having special glasses that we can drink out of on these nights. I usually am not a big fan of his and her combos but couldn’t resist adding this to my wish list when I saw them. And the price point is great for gifting to friends, family, whomever!



I’ve asked Santa for this 3-speed fixy bike (in Coral if you please) for cruising around my neighborhood. Coupled with a baby seat and a nice basket in front, it would make for a pretty sweet ride in bike-crazy Singapore.

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