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You’re Invited: Developing Your Kid’s 21st-Century Brain!

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It’s not easy being a kid in the 21st century, but it’s not easy being a mama either! With technology progressing at light-neck speed (iPhone 5’s are now considered outdated?) it can be nearly impossible to sift through the onslaught of online information and forums when it comes to researching parenting tips. Thankfully, for you mamas who still prefer the good ol’ face-to-face approach, 21st Century Learning is hosting an informative talk titled “Kids and the 21st Century Brain” that you won’t want to miss! Here’s your chance to get ahead of the curb, mamas!

Targeted at parents and teenagers, this talk is all about using neuroscience and current research developments as a foundation to dissect (in terms we can all understand!) how we can apply the best learning strategies for our kids and cultivate their innovation and creativity to the highest degree. Dr. Judy Willis, a neurologist, former classroom teacher and author of six books on the topic, will lead attendees through an easy-to-understand and info-packed presentation that covers everything you need to know when it comes to developing your kid’s “21st-century brain”, because let’s face it, there’s a Tiger Mama in all of us, whether you admit it or not!

So if you want your kid to have a head-up (no pun intended!) on the competition, don’t miss out on this opportunity to arm yourself with the tools and information you need to push them right there to the top.

All the details:
What: Developing Your Kid’s 21st-Century Brain
When: Wednesday, 10 December, 6.30-8pm
Where: Room N201, Hong Kong Convention Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
How much: $315
RSVP: Buy tickets through

Brought to you in partnership with 21C-Learning

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