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Is It Too Early For Art Lessons?

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Q: I have a 2 year old.  Is it too early for art lessons?

A. No, it’s not too early for some fun hand paintings, sensory activities (using clay, sponge paints, etc.) and engaging play time.  Of course supervision at all times is key at this age, and be sure to check that the products and tools you’re using are safe and non toxic.  And when playing with clay, be sure to use large amounts to mold to protect your child from swallowing it.

In terms of organized art lessons, I personally suggest ages 3 years and above.  I think this is the optimum time as 3 year olds learn more through large muscles than small muscles — for example easel painting rather than paper and pencil tasks.  However, children can progress rapidly to strengthen their muscles and coordination to master the paint brushes, pencils and other art activities.  On a cognitive level, 3 year olds are ready to learn best through play and exploration and love to copy adult roles and simple learning strategies.

Lindy Moran is an artist and the founder of Little Picasso Studio which offers a range of art classes for children in a sunny and inviting art studio in Ap Lei Chau.

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