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AquilaVIE AQ Lollipop: A New And Easy Way To Test Your Kids For COVID

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You’d think we’d be used to COVID tests by now, and while not necessarily pleasant, they’ve largely become another part of daily life. Our kids however, well that’s another story! When AquilaVIE launched its AQ Lollipop RAT, designed specifically with kids in mind we decided to put it to the test. Here’s the verdict…

Like many parents, we’ve had our concerns over traditional RAT kits and the irritation and discomfort they can cause. New to the market and designed specifically to be gentle on kids, the AQUILAVIE® SARS-CoV-2 Ag Diagnostic Test Kit – AQ Lollipop is a highly sensitive Rapid Antigen Tests which has a 2-in-1 oral and nasal swab. It offers up a safe, painless, convenient and reliable testing experience especially for kids as young as one. The AQ Lollipop gives parents the option of collecting oral samples as an alternative with a simple swipe inside each cheek and across the upper palette. With extensive research and independent assessments backing up the sampling methodology and overall effectiveness, we can be sure that the AQ Lollipop is as accurate as it is easy!

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Sassy Mama puts the AQ Lollipop RAT to the test…

Max is four and let’s just say introducing daily RATs so that he can attend school hasn’t been easy. At three years old he had his first PCR test, a necessary hurdle for an already scary hospital admission. While the nurse was swift and gentle, the whole experience was overwhelming for a little boy and one that has stayed with him since.

We’ve since endured the tantrums of testing for travel — he screamed down Hong Kong Airport at testing on arrival and I feel for those poor officers who visited our quarantine hotel. What was supposed to be a 30-second job ended with my son crying hysterically. I’m pretty sure someone copped a kick (sorry about that!) and I dread to think what our fellow quarantine guests thought was going on outside their doors.

In the tests that followed, his fear became clearer — “Just not the nose one mummy!” he would cry.

To say I was dreading the before-school battle that comes with daily RATs is an understatement.

aq lollipop rat covid test

How to use the AQ Lollipop COVID test…

The AQ Lollipop test looks like most others, with the notable exception of the swab. It’s a little larger but also softer and more spongey than other RATs we’ve tried. You can use it as a gentle nasal swab, but the key difference is that it can also be used to collect samples from the mouth which is much more comfortable for young kids.

Simply use the swab to wipe the inner cheeks and upper palate four times each, for a total of 15 seconds and then proceed as you would with other COVID rapid tests. Just remember not to eat, drink or chew gum for the 30-minutes prior to testing!  The AQ Lollipop is highly sensitive even at low viral concentrations and is able to detect early-stage Covid-19 infection, including the current notable variants.

aquilavie aq lollipop covid test

The verdict from the kids…

Max (mentioned above), his little sister (almost two years old) as well as two other Sassy kids (aged 9 and 7) put the AQ Lollipop to the test. The older boys are a little more understanding of the need for daily testing, but welcomed the “lollipop” option and mentioned that it was much more comfortable than their previous tests.

Our Sassy toddler, who typically squirms and shakes her head was the next to be tested.

“All we had to do was ask her to “Say ahh” and she happily opened her mouth. She even let us do a second one without hesitation. No tears or tantrums in sight.”

The toughest critic is our reluctant four-year-old. He was excited when we mentioned lollipops, but you could see the hesitation upon hearing the dreaded “COVID test”. We used his own words on him, “Not the nose one, just the mouth one” and he reluctantly opened up. A few swipes and we all were done and out the door for school. No pain, no tears and importantly, no tantrums!

Try the AQ Lollipop RAT test for yourself

The AQ Lollipop is available in single or multipacks of 5 and 25, and, just in time for the new school year, AquilaVIE is offering a Back-to-School Bundle that includes:

  • A month’s supply of 20 AQ Lollipop tests
  • A box of 20 breathable AQ Kids Butterfly Masks
  • A complimentary AquilaVIE Kids Backpack

The AQ Lollipop 25-Test Multipack is priced at $575 (that’s just $23 per test) and the Back-to-School Bundle is available for just $498 (worth $868 total), exclusively on the AquilaVIE online shop.

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Use discount code AQSASSY10 for 10% off your Back-to-School bundle. Valid until Monday, 31 October, 2023.

AquilaVIE, 2739 8872, [email protected],

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  This article is in paid partnership with AquilaVIE. All images courtesy of AquilaVIE.

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