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Are you ready to get mystical, mama? We check out Hong Kong Disneyland’s newest attraction!

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The latest area to open in Hong Kong Disneyland is Mystic Point – and Sassy Mama were lucky enough to snag a sneak preview before its official opening day on May 17, 2013! We dispatched our roving reporter (Sassy Hong Kong editor and Disney mega-fan Rach!) to the magic kingdom get the lowdown for us.

Following on from the most recent new lands at the park (Toy Story Land and Grizzly Gulch), Mystic Point is somewhat on the small side with only one ride – but what a ride it is!


Mystic Manor is an all-new original attraction – the very first one in the world, in fact (quite a coup for the 852!) and is a sophisticated ‘dark ride’ in the vein of Disney’s Haunted Mansion, which uses state-of-the-art technology to create over 40 special effects. Don’t worry though, it’s definitely not scary… think more ‘enchanted’ house rather than a haunted one, and littlies should be safe to ride this without having too many nightmares on the train home!

Interior 1

The action takes place in the home of explorer and antiques collector Lord Henry Mystic and his cheeky companion, Albert the monkey (certain to become a kiddie fave)… and when Albert opens an enchanted magical music box, the fun really begins! A “Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage” shuttles you around the house to see all Lord Albert’s objects coming to life, with a fair few surprises in store; I don’t want to say much more as that will spoil it, but I absolutely LOVED it! There are a few jumpy moments but nothing genuinely scary and the special effects are really amazing, innovative and clever – that trademark Disney magic happening right in front of your eyes.


It’s the kind of ride you can go on several times and still notice new things, and so the adventure should be just as much fun for you at the littlies. Mystic Manor is also all under cover, queuing area and all, so it’ll be a good one to head to when you need respite from HK’s blazing summers or occasional drenching showers. Watch out for some pesky scarab beetles in the Egyptian room and the Monkey King himself coming to life in the last room – and don’t take your eyes off anything as there is always something exciting just round the corner. The ride takes approximately five minutes and it’s all over way too quickly – I can hear the cries of ‘again, again!’ as we speak! However, due to the limited capacity of the ride (16 people at a time, plus a pre-show before the ride itself), I can imagine lines stacking up for this one fairly quickly.

The rest of Mystic Point includes a rather small Garden Of Wonders area that includes three optical illusion sculptures; in all honesty, I found this rather disappointing and other than some photo ops, this shouldn’t take up much of your time.


There’s a big new restaurant with comfy seating serving up yummy Asian cuisine, The Explorer’s Club (once again, proving how cuisine-wise, Disneyland really is streets ahead of Ocean Park’s limited fast food options); make sure you grab one of the glowing Blueberry Myst drinks, which are totally delicious!

Rach drink

There’s also a themed area for shows, the Mystic Freight Depot, and of course, it wouldn’t be Disneyland without a merchandise opportunity… sorry, mama! The Archive Shop sells all the usual Disney paraphernalia that your kids will no doubt go cock-a-hoop over, plus some exclusive Mystic Point themed goodies, including some nifty glow-in-the-dark tees.

T shirts

Mystic Manor is totally unique, and really is a fabulous addition to Hong Kong Disneyland. For those too young (or like me, too scared!) to go on the big thrill rides and rollercoasters, it’s absolutely the kind of ride that showcases what Disney does best – clever and magical family entertainment. Make sure you don’t miss it on your next Disney day trip!

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