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The Best Pet Hotels And Pet Sitters In Hong Kong

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It’s bad enough missing our pets when we’re away on a trip; but the feelings of guilt get worse if we start worrying that they aren’t being cared for properly at a pet hotel or by a pet sitter (if only we could take them with us). Read on to find out where to find the best dog hotels, cat hotels and pet sitters in Hong Kong!

Even though there are more pet-friendly hotels nowadays, taking our pets along with us is not always going to be possible. Although it would be ideal to have our pets stay with trusted friends or family, sometimes, pet boarding or pet sitting by a professional is the best (or only!) option there is.

Luckily for us, in recent years, more pet services like cat sitters, dog daycares or dog hotels and kennels have sprung up in Hong Kong, making it a lot easier for us to pick a pet hotel or a pet sitter for our particular preferences and needs. We’ve put together a list of the top kennels and pet sitters in Hong Kong, but one caveat: while these pet services are among the most popular in Hong Kong, you should still make sure that you vet (hah!) them carefully.

Pets can be picky about the people they click with, and what works for one person may not work for another, so always do your research before booking a pet service.

Some important details to pay attention to:

  • Does the facility look and smell clean, with enough ventilation and light?
  • What is the medical emergency protocol?
  • How often does the staff update you on your pet?
  • Does the facility provide bathing services if your pets are soiled?
  • What is the feeding schedule? Can you bring your own dog food or cat food?
  • Does the staff monitor pet boarders 24/7?
  • How does the facility handle scuffles among pets?
  • Does the kennel or dog hotel provide supervised free play time? What about leashed walks and off-leash exercise?
  • Does the kennel or dog hotel provide decent-sized outdoor or indoor runs?
  • Does the cat hotel provide private spaces where cats can hide or spend alone time?

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The Top Pet Boarding Services And Pet Hotels In Hong Kong

Ferndale kennels and cattery, Sai Kung, Hong kong, dog hotel, pet boarding, cat boarding, cat hotel

Ferndale Kennels and Cattery – Vet-founded pet boarding services in Hong Kong

This vet-owned pet boarding service in Sai Kung has been operating since 1994, and their facility has been built just to maximise pet comfort, from individual rooms for different-sized dogs with access to an outside run to fully air-conditioned private suites in the cat hotel. At Ferndale Kennels and Cattery, dog boarding doesn’t have to mean your pup is locked up in a kennel all the time. Instead, dogs get plenty of outdoor play and grass walks, and the professional staff ensures that all pets get exercise, healthy food and medical care if needed. They also keep pet owners regularly updated on how their pets are doing.

Ferndale Kennels and Cattery, Sai Kung Country Park, Ferndale Kennels, SX-2031, Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, 2792 4642, 

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SPCA – A trusted dog boarding and cat hotel ideal for senior pets in Wan Chai and Tsing Yi

Location, location, location! With pet boarding facilities in Wan Chai and Tsing Yi, the SPCA is one of the more convenient options for pet owners, especially since their facilities all come with air-conditioning, sound proofing and high-quality ventilation. There’s a highly qualified veterinary team onsite, plenty of experience caring for pets, daily one-on-one exercise and play time for dogs, and close monitoring of pet behaviour, which makes the SPCA ideal especially for owners of senior pets or pets with special needs who need extra attention and care. Do note that you have to apply for an SPCA membership first before you can board your pets.

SPCA Boarding, 5 Wan Shing Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

SPCA Boarding, 38 Cheung Fai Road, Tsing Yi, New Territories, Hong Kong, 2232 5501,

petworld resort, dog hotel, pet boarding, dog daycare

Petworld Resort – A premium dog hotel for doggie staycations in Yuen Long

Petworld Resort isn’t kidding when they say a stay at their kennel is like a vacation for your dogs. This spacious facility includes different air-conditioned room options, including a penthouse and a room specially set up for senior dogs, a swimming pool, playgroups and daily roasted chicken and vegetables (they also accommodate any special diets like raw food). Petworld Resort does its best to cover all doggie needs, and it provides fitness camps for chonky pups, dog training and dog training refresher workshops and a social camp for dogs who need help making friends. There’s even hydrotherapy for dogs with sore joints or going through rehab. Dogs staying at this premium dog hotel get two to four one-on-one walks a day, and owners get daily updates via email from the staff.

Petworld Resort, 351 Shui Mei Tsuen, Kam Tin, Yuen Long, Hong Kong, 2470 6928,

Kennel Van Dego – Highly recommended kennel and cat hotel in Sai Kung

Founded in 1981, Kennel Van Dego isn’t just a dog hotel, it’s also got cat hotel facilities for picky felines. As befitting one of the largest pet boarding facilities in Hong Kong, Kennel Van Dego provides a variety of boarding kennels for dogs, from cosy kennels with extra fencing for nervous dogs to ones with glass windows providing views of Shek Hang. There’s a kennel run for exercise as well as daily walks. The cat hotel has individual rooms that lead out into a large shared play area or an enclosed balcony where they can watch birds.

Kennel Van Dego, 1-3 Shek Hang Village, Yan Yee Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, 2792 6889,

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cat hotel, cat boarding hong kong

Cat Seasons Hotel – Full-service cat hotel in Kowloon

Cat Seasons Hotel goes all out to provide a comfortable stay for its cat hotel guests, with six types of rooms to choose from, starting with a Standard room for an individual cat to the Castle room, which accommodates up to four cats. Some rooms come with either city or Lion Rock views, and each room is cleaned twice daily and cats get to enjoy plenty of human interaction and 24-hour air-conditioning. Room cameras also give pet owners 24-hour viewing access to their cats’ room for extra peace of mind.

Cat Seasons Hotel, 23/F, 93WYS, 93 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong , Kowloon, Hong Kong, 9158 2378, www.catseasonshotel

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Best Dog Daycare, Pet Sitters and Cat Sitters in Hong Kong

If your pets get stressed out by pet boarding (looking at you especially, cat owners!), there’s also the option of getting a pet sitter in Hong Kong to come to your house and spend time with your pets. A lot of people are hesitant about pet sitting services or unsure about what it entails, so we asked the SPCA for their advice on what you can expect from a dog or cat sitter and how to pick the right pet sitter for your situation.

The SPCA explains,

Depending on the arrangement, pet sitters may stay in the owners’ homes, host pets in their own homes, or make regular visits to provide essential care such as food, freshwater, and companionship.

While the duties vary according to a pet’s needs, the SPCA cautions that pets might feel anxious about strangers in their homes while their owners are gone, and it’s a good idea to begin introducing the pet sitter into the home gradually and ahead of time. The SPCA suggests one tried and tested trick – Leave the pet sitter’s clothes or belongings at your home, allowing the pet to become more familiar with their scent. Experienced pet sitters may also request this as it helps create a more positive and comfortable experience for the pet.

Because there isn’t an industry certification for pet sitters in Hong Kong or even standardised qualifications, pet owners have to look carefully at the testimonials and client references that dog sitters and cat sitters provide. The SPCA describes the process of hiring a new pet sitter as:

Professional pet sitters often request an in-person meeting to better understand the pet before accepting the job. This provides an opportunity for the pet sitter to familiarise themselves with your pet, inquire about any specific needs, learn about the pet’s routine, and locate the necessary food and supplies. This meeting also allows you to personally interact with the pet sitter and ask important questions about their experience, methods, education, training, and communication practices. It is also crucial to discuss how the pet sitter handles emergency situations.

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senior CID, hong kong, pet sitting, dog walking, dog daycare, cat sitting, dog sitting

Senior CID – SPCA-recommended pet sitting service in Hong Kong

This social enterprise provides cat sitting, dog walking and dog sitting services at reasonable prices, but one of the big draws is that the pet sitters are all retired folks who receive their training through the SPCA’s pet sitter programme. This means that they get plenty of hands-on experiences at the different adoption centres as volunteers, and they also interact with professional animal behaviour consultants and veterinary nurses, which makes them ready to handle many common situations.

Senior CID, 6234 9823,

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Jeanbearyo Pet Sitting Services – Pet sitting service by ex-vet assistant

Run by pet lover Yoko, Jeanbearyo Pet Sitting Services has comprehensive packages that owners of anxious pets who don’t like to be alone during work hours will be grateful for. The dog sitting package includes two hours of dog walking for sessions over four hours and four hours of dog walking for sessions over 12 hours. Before opening her own pet sitting service, Yoko was a former part-time veterinary assistant and also worked in as a retail and purchasing officer for the SPCA.

Jeanbearyo Pet Sitting Services, 24 Sun Chun Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong, 6284 7263, 

dog sitting, dog walking, cat sitting, pet sitting

Furrenz Pet Sitters ­– Pet sitting team covering Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories

Short for “furry friends”, Furrenz Pet Sitters has a team of over 20 pet sitters offering high-quality small animal, dog and cat sitting, dog walking and even overnight pet sitting services. A member of Pet Sitters International (PSI), Professional United Pet Sitters (PUPS) and the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence (APSE), Furrenz has close links to 24-hour veterinary clinics in case of emergencies. This highly rated all-round service provides daily email updates to pet owners and you can even check out who the pet sitters are on their site.

Furrenz Pet Sitters, [email protected],

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Main image courtesy of Josh Rakower via Unsplash, image 1 courtesy of Ferndale Kennels and Cattery via Instagram, image 2 courtesy of Petworld Resort via Instagram, image 3 courtesy of Cat Seasons Hotel via Instagram image 4 courtesy of Senior CID via Facebook, image 5 courtesy of Furrenz Pet Sitters via Instagram.

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