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Introducing NON: A Brand New Non-Alcoholic Wine Alternative In Hong Kong

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Looking for a sophisticated alcohol-free drink (that isn’t soda or juice!)? Fresh out of Melbourne, NON is the wine alternative for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Whether you’re pregnant, on a health-kick, sober curious, or simply prefer to avoid alcohol, there’s no denying that it can be difficult to find a drink that satisfies. Australian-made, vegan, gluten AND alcohol-free, NON is the wine alternative you’ve been searching for.

Unlike non-alcoholic wines which have had their alcohol removed, NON creates its beverages using an infusion of dried fruits, herbs, spices and other natural ingredients to create a delicious wine alternative. It is then roasted, toasted, stewed, steeped and brewed using techniques borrowed from both the culinary and viticulture worlds.

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The result is a unique and complex flavourful concoction in every bottle. There are five flavours for you to choose from, all with different tasting notes to suit different palates. There’s NON 1 (pictured above), flavoured with Salted Raspberry and Chamomile and tasting notes of vibrant red fruit, balanced salinity and candied floral nose. This is the go-to rosé alternative! NON 2 is for those who would traditionally look for a cider, while NON 3, is like an aromatic white wine. The list goes on so there’s sure to be something to satisfy!

Order your bottles of NON now from Blaze Beer Club.

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Use discount code “SASSYNON” and receive two extra bottles of NON free when you purchase any four. Or, use discount code “SASSY10” to enjoy 10% off the “Tasting Case” which includes 12 bottles. 

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  This article is in paid partnership with Blaze Beer Club. All images courtesy of Blaze Beer Club.

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