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“You Could Feel The Energy Shift In The Room” Sassy Mama Tries Break it Kids

break it kids sassy mama Hong Kong
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Between online learning, TV shows and seemingly endless gaming, there’s little doubt that screentime is a big part of our kids’ lives. But what if you could turn that passive screentime into something active and scientifically designed to help children with concentration, health and wellness? Enter, Break it Kids!

It’s well-known that kids need to burn off their boundless energy and that screentime can have a tendency to take over their lives (and ours!). Taking ten minutes to get the wiggles out can do wonders for concentration levels and overall health and wellbeing. But creating a meaningful break can be difficult to do effectively.

break it kids sassy mama

That’s where Break it Kids comes in. It’s a structured digital movement and mindfulness break developed by a paediatric occupational therapist. It gamifies health and wellness to get kids using their bodies in specific ways as they follow a highly interactive animation. Get a feel for the fun and engaging episodes like “Treasure Hunt”, “Super Heroes” and “Science Lab” by checking out the teasers on YouTube. Your kids will be asking when they can do the next one.

Sassy Mama decided to put it to the test to see if it lived up to the hype!

break it kids sassy mama eve jack

Sassy Mama Founder Maura, with kids Eve and Jack, tried Break it Kids in hotel quarantine

Break it Kids is aimed at kids aged 5 to 12 years, so Eve and Jack (8 and 6 years old) are just the right age to put it to the test. They did the Sports video right before lunch. Navigating North American jetlag usually means the kids hit a slump right around lunchtime and need something engaging to get them through the afternoon.

The Break it Kids team led them through some fun sports moves which made them really excited as the video featured some of their favourite sports (specifically Eve’s new favourite — skateboarding). They were set up on my yoga mat and didn’t need any more space than that.

The kids really enjoyed moving their bodies in a structured way. There had been quite a bit of passive screen time so it was nice for them to step away and enjoy a video that got them engaged and active.

“You could feel the energy shift in the room afterwards.”

They were happy, but not bouncing off the walls as they’d gotten their energy out during the session. After doing the sports video they couldn’t wait to try out the next video adventure! I’ll keep that in my back pocket for the remaining days in quarantine!

break it kids sassy mama max

Sassy Mama Editor Jess, with son Max, tried Break it Kids

At 4 years old, Max is just a little bit younger than the recommended age and took a little bit of encouragement to get moving as he was so engrossed with the engaging graphics and story of the videos. After he watched the Dino Island video once, he immediately asked to do it again (and has done every day since) and this time did all the actions. His little sister (20 months) even got in on the action and copied the movements!

We really enjoyed the way the video was structured into three distinct sections — Fire It Up, Focus It and Cool It. The first section got Max burning off that excess energy with running and jumping movements while in Focus It, he was working on balance and concentration. This is something that teachers have recommended for Max in the past, but that we’ve struggled to do in a fun way at home. But when the Break it Kids team had him creeping up on a T-Rex and flying with a pterodactyl he sure was interested!

Surprisingly, Max was super into the Cool It meditation at the end of the video.

“He was immediately calm and focused on his breath.”

As a parent, I can definitely see Break it Kids being a useful tool both at home as a fun study break, on the go while travelling (perhaps on a long layover to get some energy out before boarding a plane), and also for educators looking to transition their class from one activity to another.

break it kids Hong Kong

Want To Try Break it Kids For Yourself

There are currently seventeen different Break it Kids episodes available on any device with more coming soon. Sign up now to receive two episodes absolutely FREE (including both Dino Island and Sports Day)!

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Use code SASSYMAMA10 for 10% off your Break it Kids subscription for three months.

Break it Kids, Instagram: @breakitkids, YouTube: Break it Kids,

This post is in paid partnership with Break it Kids. Images courtesy of Break it Kids and Sassy Media Group. 

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