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Crossfit Typhoon – breaking a sweat in Sai Ying Pun

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It seems like one of the most popular ways us 852ers are breaking a sweat right now is through CrossFit. From the start of this year when there was just one CrossFit joint in town, there are now several specific CrossFit gyms dotted around Hong Kong – and the latest is CrossFit Typhoon in Sai Ying Pun.

For those who have heard the term ‘CrossFit’ being thrown around but are still unsure what exactly it means, it’s a constantly varied fitness regime that involves a range of functional exercises performed at a high intensity. To put it even more simply – it’s a hard and fast training method that combines pushing, pulling, squatting, jumping, throwing, lifting and sprinting… phew!

Whilst I’ve done workouts that incorporated CrossFit-type principles in the past, I’d never actually done it in its pure form. I’d heard good things about CrossFit Typhoon already, so was excited to be invited by the team to try my hand at a session and give the official Sassy verdict.

Unlike a few of the more glossy gym set-ups HK has on offer, CrossFit Typhoon has an authentic, gritty edge that I immediately liked. The gear is high quality, well maintained and there is plenty of it, whilst the exposed brick walls, roller doors and graffiti art give the gym area a really cool vibe.

crossfit typhoon hong kong

The class I attended ran for about 45-minutes and was tough (to say the least!). Run by coaches Laura and Steve, we were run through what the programme entailed, before kicking off proper. Throughout the session, Laura and Steve kept us on task, correcting technique and assisting with things like loading and off-loading weights, which was awesome. It was apparent that the ‘community factor’ is a big thing at CrossFit Typhoon – all classes are carried out in groups and everyone makes a conscious effort to support one another. I also felt sore for a few days afterwards (especially in the areas we’d focused on, my upper and lower arms) – it definitely felt like a few dormant muscles had been awoken! #Success!

One thing I particularly like about CrossFit is that the intensity of your workout essentially boils down to you as an individual, meaning your fitness level isn’t an issue when starting out. My husband did the same workout as I did during the session we attended, and while we did it alongside each other, our experiences (both positive) were different as we naturally both have different strength and fitness goals.

CrossFit Typhoon hong kong 2

If you’re up for giving CrossFit Typhoon a whirl, they recommend booking in for a ‘CrossFit Fundamentals’ introductory course to begin with. Designed to help you master CrossFit core movements, the two-hour class is a springboard to full-on CrossFit. For those ready to dive straight in, a full class schedule is posted on their website and initial consultations are free.

There’s no doubt CrossFit Typhoon is en route to leading Hong Kong’s CrossFit charge even further; it’s definitely worth joining forces with these guys if you’re keen to get involved with this workout phenomenon!

Drop-in sessions cost $200 each, 12 sessions a month cost $1800 or an unlimited monthly membership package costs $2200; see full class schedule here

CrossFit Typhoon  G/F, 38-40, Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
2858 8864


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