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Feng Shui Spotlight: Dragon Babies

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Today we’re talking to Jill Lander of Golden Elements about Feng Shui and babies, and in particular, why there’s so much buzz about trying for a Dragon for 2012!

We’re hearing so much about the year of the Dragon next year – why is this such a lucky year to have a baby?

The Dragon is the most auspicious symbol in Chinese culture and represents the strongest of energy, new beginnings and keeping of life. Dragons are symbols of Imperial might and force and unlike the western concept where Dragons were/are considered monsters to be slain by knights and saints, the Chinese believe that those born in a Dragon year will be powerful and all knowing. People refer to exceptionally gifted youngsters as “Dragon children” even though they may be born in other years.

There are 5 types (elements) of each Chinese Zodiac sign, and babies born in 2012 will be Water Babies. One important thing to note is that any baby born before 4th February 2012 will be considered to be a Metal Rabbit not a Water Dragon Babe despite the fact that Chinese New Year 2012 falls on January 23rd.

What are the special characteristics of a Dragon baby?

The general characteristics of a Dragon Baby are alertness, high energy and an enthusiasm to learn skills. They may be leaders from an early age whilst having a compassionate and friendly nature, making them sociable and easy to integrate into any group. Due to their inner strength they may be rather erratic and fickle during in their early development;  parents of Dragon babie will certainly know their lives have taken on a new dimension, and may have to be flexible despite all their plans on how to raise their bundle of joy!

Water Dragon Babies in particular will have great strength and a strong sense of self. During their development they will be able to find solutions easily and effortlessly and may develop a strong will when they feel they are not being heard! The poetic name for babes born on or after February 4th 2012 will be Rain Dragon Babies. In Feng Shui the element of water relates to wealth so the arrival of a Rain Dragon baby signifies monetary gains. The luck of those born in such a year improves when they are prepared to travel and change their residence often.

What sibling signs are thought to match well with Dragon babies?

The Rooster and Dragon form the strongest bond and will always support each other unconditionally. The Rooster is referred to as the Dragon’s secret friend and when the Feng Shui forecast of the year does not have auspicious predictions, having symbols of our secret astrological friend can help alleviate the bad energies of the year. So a symbol of a Rooster would be a wonderful gift for any Dragon baby.

The Rat and Monkey are referred to as the Dragon’s astrological allies and will always offer constructive advice and support. Those most compatible for Water Dragon Babes born in 2012 when they enter school or the workplace will be those born in 2017 and 2025.

Conflict mayoccur between people born under the signs of Dog 2006. When Dragon and Dogs connect there is the potential for some falling outs as they can create problems for each other due to an elemental clash which can create instability in their lives.

Of course there can always be exceptions and the example given is extreme and so much depends on the elemental compatibility of ones individual’s day elements.

Whether I’m expecting a Dragon or a Rabbit baby, is there anything specific to Feng Shui that I should be doing during my pregnancy?

As at any time practicing good Feng Shui can increase health and well being, but general guidelines would be to avoid having your bedroom at the end of a long hallway (more than 10ft in length) as this can create a bombardment of strong energy which can upset the delicate mom to be. If your hallway is less than 10ft but you still feel you would benefit from some Feng Shui support I recommend placing a metal wind chime (ones with 6 rods are ideal) a couple of feet from either end of the hallway to break up and disperse the strong chi (energy) flow. Increase lighting within the hallway, place a carpet runner or if the hallway is wide enough, or place a plant or piece of ceramic ware on the floor. Aim to keep the bedroom door closed when practical to maintain the bedroom in a yin (passive) essence. Remove all electrical items to reduce high frequency energy. Ensure there are no water leakages within the home and all A/Cs are efficient. Keep clutter off the floor to prevent obstacles in mom’s energy.

A mom to be may practice the following mantra:- “My body resonates to divine timing and is always in sync with nature and co creates with the higher plan”

Burning the following oils may also help to align pregnancy energy: Bergamot, Fennel, Geranium, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile and Rose.

In Hong Kong since 1977 Jill Lander, (a classically trained master graduate in the art of space alignment and Chinese metaphysics) inspires her clients to maximize their true potential using authentic yet practical feng shui. Jill feels truly blessed to have found her passion in life as well as being able to live and combine a truly authentic lifestyle balancing her Western roots with her Eastern life philosophy surrounded by powerful Dragon (earth) energy. Her surname in Chinese is ‘Lung ’ meaning ‘Dragon’, which confirms no matter how far you find yourself away from your “roots” when you truly find your passion in life and live authentically, you live as you are meant to live no matter where! Contact Jill by emailing [email protected].

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