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9 Books To Help Your Child Prepare For The First Day Of Kindergarten

First day of school books Hong Kong
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Is the first day of kindergarten coming up for your tot? Get prepped and calm those first day nerves by reading about it in advance. Not only will it calm (everyones) anxiety, but they’ll get to know what to expect when the school bell rings. Here are 9 books to help your baby prepare for their first day of school.

Can you believe that your baby is old enough to start kindergarten?! It seems only yesterday that you were taking those prenatal vitamins and then choosing the hospital to give birth. If, like us, the past three years have flown by (when it come to our child’s development, at least), you’ll also be getting ready for K1 this September.

The school uniforms are washed, the school bag is packed – it’s a close call on who’s more nervous about it, them or us! To help everyone in your home get ready for this milestone (one of many!), here are several books to read. Ease those first day of school nerves and watch your little learner strut into their first day of school like a boss. Sassy babies, you’ve got this.

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On The First Day Of Kindergarten book

On The First Day Of Kindergarten, Tish Rabe and Laura Hughes, $109.59

A lovely book to help kids realise there’s no cooler place than a kindergarten classroom. First day of school fears be gone!

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Mom, It's My First Day Of Kindergarten!

Mum, It’s My First Day Of Kindergarten!, Hyewon Yum, $176.47

One to reassure the anxious mamas out there! Don’t worry, your kid’s got this.

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Clifford Goes To Kindergarten

Clifford Goes To Kindergarten, Norman Bridwell, $60.68

When the teacher said “bring something from home to make the transition easier,” they didn’t anticipate a giant red dog!

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Llama Lama Misses Mama

llama llama misses mama, Anna Dewdney, $105.29

A great story for littles to understand that mama, papa or auntie will always come back to pick them up from school.

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The King of Kindergarten, books for starting kindergarten

The King of Kindergarten, Derrick Barnes and Vanessa Brantley Newton, $157.76

Make way! Make Way! His Royal Highness is ready for kindergarten in this empowering story that’s sure to be a confidence booster.

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We Move Together, children's story book for diversity and inclusion

We Move Together, Kelly Fritsch, Anne McGuire and Eduardo Trejos, $161.49

While technically not a first day of kindergarten book, this lovely story of diversity and inclusion follows a group of mixed-ability kids as they face every day challenges.

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Adventure Annie Goes To Kindergarten, books for starting kindergarten

Adventure Annie Starts Kindergarten, Toni Buzzeo and Amy Wummer, $80.47

Not one to blackout of an adventure, Annie barrels her way through her first day of kindergarten. But can she help to find her missing classmates who got lost on their way to get their snack?

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Wemberly Worried, first day of school books Hong Kong

Wemberly Worried, Kevin Henkes, $78.98

A back-to-school classic story of a little worrier who quickly realised that kindergarten is so much fun there’s no time to worry!

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The Pirate of Kindergarten, first day of School book

The Pirate of Kindergarten, George Ella Lyon and Lynne Avril, $14.99 (USD)

A great story about a little girl who needs an eye patch to see properly, another good way for children to understand that everyone is normal.

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