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Five Festive Pies to Make for the Holidays!

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Have fun baking a homey pie with family and friends; after all that’s when things taste all the more better and get all the more merrier!

We at Sassy Mama consolidated a list of yummy pies because as everyone knows, it’s the ultimate dessert for the holidays. Baking is all about creating something that you and your loved ones will enjoy, so don’t hesitate to make alterations here and there to alter the flavor to your palates. Change up the size, if you want from a big pie to many small pies using cupcake tins. Or instead of making a round pie, make a square-shaped pie and cut them up into bars. And hey, if your kids love crispy crusts, double the cookie crust. And last but not least, ice cream and whipped cream go really well with all pies. Read on and Happy Christmas Cooking!


Grandma’s Easy Peasy Apple Pie without Sugar!

Apple pies are a classic delight which never disappoints (even without sugar)! Christmas is all about munching, which is why this no sugar pie recipe is a healthy option (tastes just as good) perfect for post-feasting. Full time supermodel – part time pro baker – Karlie Kloss would totally agree with us. She’s all about using healthy sweeteners and organic ingredients, such as maple syrup and gluten free oats. On her youtube channel, Karlie bakes an Apple Krisp Pie that’s mouthwatering and great for the season, too! Another healthy apple option is an apple walnut tart with maple custard. But if you still want the sugar, (hell its Christmas right?!) check out this popular Granny’s homey apple pie recipe. Apple pie beauty tips: on the top of the pie try using pieces of thinly sliced apples to make rose shapes, use thickly sliced apples and strategically organize them in circles or simply stick to the classic knitted dough look – that is always pretty, too.


Hearty Chocolate Pecan Pie

Dark chocolates and nuts are good for the heart and on Christmas, it’s all ’bout having a big heart (personally, I love dark chocolate and would suggest changing out the milk for dark chocolate)! This nutty-choco combination is tasty and has a gooey – in a good way – texture. Other than making a pie out of these healthy ingredients, you can also opt for shaping them into bars, making it easier to pack and carry around. I do know some people who stick to their love for traditional pies, so here it is, the old-fashioned pecan pie. Not to worry you health-nuts, I haven’t forgotten you, here is a nutritional oatmeal pecan pie to try out. For the avid bakers, if you’re up for a pie challenge, try to make this Chocolate-Walnut Meringue Pie – the meringue gives the pie a 3D flair by adding a white cloudlike fluff.


Have a Berry Merry Christmas

If  I were to personify berries, I would say that they are super friendly with each other. Mixing anything ending with ‘berry’ together creates a sweet, mouth-watering flavor! Although I do love all berries, my favourite are strawberries so I’m going to try to convert you with this healthy strawberry recipe and this (normal) one. Blueberries are lovely, too and particularly good for the eyes, so give this a go if you are in a blue-licious type of mood. Of course, you can switch strawberries out for your favourite berry, be it cranberries, blackberries or raspberries. Or mix them all together- no matter what it will taste berry good!


 For the Little Munchers … No Bake Pies!

Warning … this is gonna be the kiddie corner (and the adults’ guilty pleasure corner)! Starting off with the Nutella, because everyone loves Nutella, its a super easy 3-step recipe. The Christmas kiddies could have fun ‘baking’ without you worrying about sharp knives and hot ovens. Moving on to ICE CREAM pies, if you bring out an ice cream pie for dessert, even if your guests are full they’re gonna loosen their belts for these guys- oreo ice cream pie, vanilla peanut ice cream pie dressed with caramel sauce, grasshopper ice cream pie, peanut butter ice cream pie. With all these extremely tasty (naughty) goodies, lets end this corner with a no-bake healthy yogurt pie!


Some Good Ol’ Lemon Meringue Pie

What is your relationship with lemon cakes, pies and bars? Mine is this love-hate feeling towards the sour lemony taste – I don’t love the sour, but at the same time its so hard to resist, so I would say sour-y lemon pies are great when taken in moderation. This Christmas after the massive feast, and everyone is stuffed, a small slice of the lemon pie is perfect for cleansing and revitalizing the palate. If you enjoy lemon desserts, but are looking to tone down the sour-ness check out this awesome lemon mousse pie. And if you’re just short on time, make this ultra-easy lemon icebox pie and stick it in the fridge!


Pictures 1, 2, 3, 4 sourced via Pinterest

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