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Glow with Ceri Silk: Results-driven skincare and body treatments in the heart of Hong Kong

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If you’re the kind of girl who needs her lavender-scented hot towels, rose-petal footbath and 12-page organic tea menu in order to get her spa on (and who isn’t, from time to time?) then it’s fair to say that Glow with Ceri Silk probably isn’t the place for you. Less a traditional spa, and more of a specialist skincare and beauty salon, it’s fair to say that you don’t head here for the décor, which is pretty simple and unfussy.

The reason you head to Glow – and the reason you’ll return over and over again – is for their skincare expertise. In just an hour, Ceri will work her magic on your skin, then give you all the knowledge you need to keep up the good work at home. Using some slightly Lord of the Rings-sounding Skeyndor cosmeceutical products alongside smart skin-boosting technologies such as light therapy and micro-currents, this is all about the application of science in skincare.

The spa is tucked away in a commercial building on Queen’s Road Central, making it a very convenient spot for some lunchtime or post-work primping. While the décor may be simple, the welcome is warm and I was immediately offered a glass of water infused with a selection of pure essential oils while I filled in a questionnaire covering my skincare and body concerns. I opted for the metabolism-boosting and very refreshing Slim & Sassy, a blend of peppermint, ginger and lemon (and with that name, surely a contender for our new office watercooler?!)


I was at the spa to try the Glow Ultimate Face & Body Treatment – an hour-long facial that is individually customised to each person, combined with a 30-minute session of lifting and energising Presor Therapy for my lower body. After a detailed chat with Ceri about the treatment, I was led to a basic but comfortable room, where one of the spa therapists slathered my legs with a cream to help reduce water retention along with a gel to firm and de-puff.

Duly covered in gunk, I slipped on the pair of thin leggings provided and clambered onto the bed, where the therapist proceeded to envelop my legs in what can only be described as a half-body pressure cuff – a pair of trousers that fasten with Velcro and inflate and deflate in much the same way as a blood-pressure monitor does at a doctor’s surgery. This sexy little outfit stimulates circulation, encourages your lymphatic system to detoxify, aids skin firming and re-energises the whole body, making it a great add-on to a facial. The sensation is surprisingly relaxing once you get used to it, quite like a firm (but not uncomfortably so) leg massage.


With my legs encased and being gently squeezed into svelteness, Ceri got to work on my face. After a through appraisal of my skin (parched) and a chat about my concerns (hideous open pores), she began a gentle cleanse, moving onto an exfoliation with a diamond gel. This sounds pretty bling and very Hong Kong, but apparently diamond fragments are hard enough to exfoliate effectively without scratching the skin’s surface. Polished to perfection, Ceri moved onto an extraction using a rather bizarre-looking but amazingly effective ultrasonic spatula that works by literally shaking the dirt from your pores and is totally painless.

Post-extraction, a gentle fruit acid peel was applied to my face and I was given a very welcome neck and shoulder massage while this penetrated my skin; the peel was clarifying and brightening without any of the tingling or redness that can often be associated with this type of treatment. Post-peel, my skin was ready for a dose of targeted therapy, with a pore corrector massaged into my T-zone, plus a sensitive skin formula applied to the rest of my face. These were gently massaged in with a handheld device that uses a small electrical current to open the pores and helps to push the product deep into the skin’s lower layers, plumping as it goes. After a final refreshing application of a neutralising gel mask and a little moisturiser, we were all done in just over an hour.

Having walked into Glow only 60 minutes previously with ashy, grey, clogged skin, my face had been transformed into something approaching human in record time! I was now boasting squeaky-clean pores, tight smooth skin and… yes… even a bit of a glow. I was excited to see if the Presor therapy had had similarly positive results on my lower half, and I wasn’t disappointed. My thighs were noticeably firmer and my skin super-soft, whilst the slight puffiness around my ankles (a tell-tale sign of water retention) had totally vanished, leaving me totally unselfconscious about any lumps and bumps and happy to step out in shorts over the next few days.

All treatments are tailored to meet clients’ own specific needs, and Ceri is happy to advise on how best to treat skin conditions such as acne, dryness and broken capillaries, both in-salon and with a prescriptive homecare routine. So if you’re looking for a beauty specialist that treats skincare seriously and scientifically, and can fit in your pampering in record time, then Glow with Ceri Silk gets my Sassy seal of approval!

The Glow Transformation Facial costs $880 for sixty minutes; Presor Therapy costs $600 for 30 minutes (done simultaneously with your facial). Don’t forget to check out our Sassy Sale deal to get this treatment 50% off. We only have limited quantities so click fast!

Glow with Ceri Silk
9/F Parker House, 72 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 25255198
Email: [email protected]

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