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Keeping up with Kat: The Kind of World I Want For My Kids

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What in the world?

You’ve probably noticed that there’s been a lot of bad news happening lately. It’s safe to say that things haven’t been peachy on planet earth for a while. I don’t know about you, mamas, I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of world my kiddos are growing up in.

I don’t think I’d be alone when I say that most mamas would want our children to be kind, considerate and productive members of society. Not only that, many might say that they would want their children to grow up to be socially responsible, collaborative and helpful young leaders who are passionate about what they do but not at the expense of others. I for one, hope and pray my kids not only turn out to be people who lead in excellence in whatever they choose to do, but that they are others-focused, humble and have a desire to build up the people around them.

But it really does start at home, doesn’t it? It starts with all of us, mums and dads, family members and trusted friends, a village, to model, guide, mentor, and lead our kiddos to reflect what truly makes a global citizen and how they should interact and view the inherent worth of each person around them.

With the easy access to technology, mass media has become one of the fastest ways our kids are gaining information these days, whether that be the news or how events and people are portrayed and reported. What they are reading and watching on screens are becoming the greater influences in how their minds are shaped to view the world.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the premiere of She Objects, a locally made but globally supported message of calling the objectification of women in media to cease.

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After attending the premiere, I was made even more aware of the rhetoric and messaging that degrades women in many forms of media right here in Hong Kong and all over the world. From the overly sexualised images of women to the prevalence of unequal gender opportunities to the unspoken expectations of what beauty looks like to the masses, there are no shortages of discrimination and negativity when it comes to the portrayal of women.

If you were to walk down any street in Hong Kong, you will see billboards plastered with images of women modelling what the “ideal” body type is and weight loss advertising not for health but for vanity. You will also see fashion spreads and tabloids portraying a certain type of beauty that is not often realistic or publicly shaming women who are not looking the way society says they “should” look.

She Objects tackles these topics and the seriousness and responsibility all of us collectively have to reshape the messaging for future generations. This documentary is such an important piece as it brings to light how damaging the wrongful portrayal of women is to women and men alike. Anyone with any sort of influence (and that’s all of us, mamas!) needs to educate those around us… especially our kids on how to treat and respect one another.

I would never want my son or daughter to grow up in a society where they’re judged by how they look or what they wear. Rather, I would want the content of their character to speak out for who they truly are. On the same hand, I would want them to view their peers in the same way. At the end of the day, mutual respect and love for others is what will not only reshape the way we interact with one another, but how the wrong message loses its power. The world our kids grow up in can be a better place, and it will always begin at home.


If you feel the same way or have a different perspective and want to write about it, I’d love to hear from you! Contact me at

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