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8 Kid-Friendly Home Ideas For Grown Up Spaces

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Creating a home worthy of little (and big) people.

As a parent, interior design might feel like a daunting task. We’ve all struggled at some point to strike the perfect balance between creating a kid-friendly home that is safe for little ones while still looking elegant. It has to be functional but shouldn’t end up looking like a playhouse either!

A family home should be a perfect blend of functionality and pleasing aesthetics. Having kids around may constrain your home décor decisions, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating beautiful grown-up spaces with room for wee ones. As a mother, I can affirm that the process of decorating a kid-friendly home can be really fun when you have inspiring ideas up your sleeves. So, if you are dealing with energetic tots creating a storm in your house, these handy design tips will surely benefit you in a million ways.

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Have An Open Floor Plan

kid-friendly home ideas open plan living room

The concept of open-plan living works wonders for young families. This open design by CAANdesign offers ample space for kids to run around and enjoy. Our cosmopolitan lifestyle provides us with limited time to spend with our family. So, having a joint lounging, playing, cooking and dining space can help in developing stronger bonds and togetherness.

Make A Feature Wall

child-friendly living art display wall

All babies are born with a creative flair. Giving a dedicated space for them to showcase their artworks can boost up their confidence tremendously. A great way to beautify these abstract pieces of art is by using sophisticated frames. You don’t have to frame every drawing, but selecting a few of their masterpieces and covering it up with sleek, modern frames can help in animating any space – the pink feature wall above by Flynnsideout Productions is a great example.

Using personal pictures to create a gallery wall is totally in trend right now and a must for a kid-friendly home. Plus, it is an amazing way to teach kids the importance of family bonding and connections. Additionally, you can frame motivational quotes to keep up their spirits! If you are looking for a semi-permanent option under a budget, wall decals would be the best choice. These are easy to peel-off stickers that can be used as a substitute for paints or wallpapers. Just hang some art work to make it pop and your feature wall is ready!

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Use Softened Edges

kid-friendly living space Hong Kong

Kid proofing the entire house will relieve you from the stress of constantly eyeing your baby. But instead of sticking dingy baby proofing tapes on sharp corners, use furniture pieces with rounded or smooth edges. Introducing soft seatings, like Jen Talbot Design has here, will provide a comfortable space for your kid to hop around without hitting their head.

Bean bags are very accommodating, attractive and can safely anchor jumping kids. Using ottomans with storage that doubles up as a coffee table can make the living room look more “put together”.

Stay Away From Light Coloured Rugs

kid-friendly colourful rug

Living room rugs are prone to getting muddy footprints and filthy spills. Your favourite eggshell coloured rug will probably lose its charm in a single day. So, try to get rid of textiles that are plain and light in colour, especially in the high traffic areas. Try a colourful patterned rug like the gingham one selected for the above family room (by stylist extraordinaire Emily Henderson) that’ll handle nasty stains while still looking flawless in your kid-friendly home. Or you can simply use an outdoor rug that flaunts your living room.

Use Neutral Coloured Fitments

family-friendly interior design Hong Kong

Flashy childrens’ furniture can sometimes attract a lot of unwanted attention and they can make an adult space look giddy and shabby. However, using neutral tones in kids’ furniture will make the living room inviting while keep the little munchkins happy (best of both worlds!).

Dedicate a separate table for the kids, as shown in the MODSY idea above, and let them take ownership of that. It could be used to read, chill, paint, or have dinner. Devoting spaces for kids will also build some independence and responsibility.

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Invest In Durable Materials

durable materials for a family home

Being a parent involves cleaning drips and spills all day. Constant scrubbing can take away the shine of most fabrics. Therefore, it is really important to invest in functional materials that are safe to use and easy to maintain.

Kids spend most of the time monkeying around the sofa with grimy hands and feet. Using washable, stain-resistant fabrics like microfibre, wool, and vinyl can save you from regular heavy cleaning days.

When it comes to dining tables, little ones can get artsy (and messy!) so opting for a kid-friendly dining room table can be really handy. Wood as a material is very versatile and can take a hit and still look awesome, like the heavy-duty oak table above chosen by Emily Henderson for this dining room re-vamp. Plus, with every dent, your family table will have a story to tell as the years roll by.

Opt For Savvy Storage Solutions

storage solutions for family living room

It is a common sight to find kid’s toys lying around in the living room with Lego pieces finding their place under the dining table and couch. The only way to maintain a beautifully decorated house with children is by having storage anywhere and everywhere!

Closed storage shelves, shown here for the light and bright living room by Linhan Design & Interiors Co., are perfect to hide those scintillating game boxes. Whereas labelled toy bins are ideal to just throw in random stuff and call it a day. Console tables can be used in fun and quirky ways to draw attention. They offer an ample amount of storage and can totally steal the show when styled cleverly!

Get resourceful with other storage solutions. You can opt for benches with storage in the dining area, for example, that makes it easier for the small ones to climb.

Kids Version Of Adult Spaces

family-friendly kitchen design

Customising your way through and creating beautiful décor items for your home can make it look equally exciting and enticing. And where best to get creative in your kid-friendly home than in it’s heart: the kitchen!

Paint the indoor-outdoor chairs with fun and bold colours that will make your kitchen look quirky. I love the slogan countertop splash back by Lucy G Splashbacks in the light, open kitchen above – there are pretty floral or landscape designs to be had as well. Big cushions and fluffy pillows are your best friends, just ensure that the fabric is right! To get rid of the clutter, place tiny storage furniture pieces that can be easily accessed by the little ones. You can install coat hooks at a lower height for the younger ones (which’ll look adorable), and write fun slogans or the weekly schedule on a chalkboard in bright hues.

Kid-Friendly Homes Are Easier Than Might Think

Child-proofing the house isn’t so challenging after all. There will be those days when the little ones might spill on your beloved couch or dent the sideboard – but, hey! That’s real life. All you need is a mind shift to embrace these notorious, yet endearing memories. Involve your youngsters in décor decisions and see how quickly your apartment transforms into a loving kid-friendly home.

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Featured image courtesy of courtesy of Sara Tramp Photography via Emily Henderson, image 1 courtesy of Hey!Cheese via CAANdesign, image 2 courtesy of Flynnsideout Productions via HGTV, image 3 courtesy of Dustin Halleck via Jen Talbot Design, image 4 courtesy of Sara Tramp Photography via Emily Henderson, image 5 courtesy of MODSY, image 6 courtesy of Sara Tramp Photography via Emily Henderson, image 7 courtesy of Linhan Design & Interiors Co. via Instagram, image 8 courtesy of Lucy G Splashbacks ("Sweet As" project).

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