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One thought on “Book Now For The 2018 Silicon Valley BizWorld Entrepreneurship Summer Camps

  1. This is really great initiative we should train our future generation to the maximum on entrepreneurship so that they can really transform the world and can lead their lives successfully. I personally believe top most elements for fostering entrepreneurship in our children are.

    1) Make them try to solve every problem by two different ways.
    2) Build financial literacy and SMART goal setting in them.
    3) If family has more than one kid then always encourage them to do team work.

    Try implementing these three practices, I am sure you would witness great change in your children capability to process and how they see things.

    For knowing more about how to turn your kids into kidpreneurs. Read below article

    “How to train your kid to think like an Entrepreneur and develop a million-dollar mindset?”

    You would be really amazed with the knowledge you would gain about how we can really train next generation for transforming the future.

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