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Making Time Fly: 50 Things to do on a Plane

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Traveling with kidsKeeping the kiddo entertained while traveling is one of my many obsessions these days. I’m sure you can related as most of us in this part of the world face the painful long-haul flight with the kiddies in tow a few times every year.  I dread it so much that I even suggested to Hubby once that we look into a cruise back to the US (not surprisingly I was laughed out of the room for that one…).

I’m constantly on the lookout for games and activities that can keep little ones occupied while in transit.  While my latest find is not new, until now I’ve not been able to find it in HK. Have a trip coming up?

This is something you’ll want to bring in your carry-on

Activities for travelling with kids

50 Things to Do on a Plane gives you just what it says it does. The size of a deck of cards, this handy little pack contains 50 cards each showing a simple but fun activity to make the time fly on a long journey.  

Each of the 50 wipe-clean cards is colorfully illustrated and includes a mind-bending puzzle such as a crossword or maze, a fun game like Connect Four or Hangman – or even a card to doodle on (a special pen to write on the cards is included).

50 Things to do on a Plane
Available at Baby Central for HK$80

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