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More from Maura: Djiboutii, books for Evie and getting unplugged for a day!

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I tested myself recently by going a whole day without checking my iPhone or browsing the Internet. It was a Valentine’s Day gift to my husband, which went with a card that said on the front ‘I love you more than my iPhone’. Rather than get him a material gift (you know the story, what do you get the man who has everything!) I felt the need to prove this statement to him as it has become a bit of a running joke in our household lately. So for Valentine’s Day I gave him the gift of… my attention.

IMG_8192Throughout the day of my test I realised I am missing so many beautiful moments that happen with my family as I scroll through my Instagram feed. Just being present in the moment made me a better mama and wife and you know what, when I was able to log back on to Facebook and Instagram (which I will admit I did at the stroke of midnight!) I realised I didn’t miss that much. While I may not go through entire day detoxes like this on a regular basis I think what I learned is that the constant checking has got to stop. For me, my new mantra is to find quiet ‘me times’ for the checking of my social media, blog browsing, email and Internet shopping and then leave it aside after that time is up. Trying to multi task and keep on top of the ‘internet chatter’ while spending time with my family is no longer for me. I got a glimpse of those beautiful moments I have been missing and I don’t want to miss them again. Wish me luck mamas!

Things I did this week…

  • I had dinner with some girlfriends at Moyo, which is a new Korean restaurant on Aberdeen Street across from PMQ. It is in soft launch phase so it’s currently BYOB (there is a 7-Eleven on Staunton Street to pick up a bottle of red if you forget!) and the setting is pretty casual and laid back. I say it’s a nice little find for a low-key dinner with friends. The Kimchi Pancake is a must order at this spot.
  • The Sassy team had after work drinks at Djiboutii, which is this AWESOME new bar located in an alley on Landale Street in Wan Chai. This hip spot should definitely be on your radar for a pre or post dinner drink. The bar, if you can manage to find it, is just one of those cool finds and you’ll end up wanting to bring all of your friends as they’ll think you are super in the know (or on the flip side you may want to keep it as a secret!). If you have problems finding it, we found the staff at The Butcher’s Club Burgers really helpful in pointing us in the right direction.
  • I purchased tickets to the upcoming Russell Peters comedy show, which is happening on 31 March at Asia World Expo. I felt like I totally missed out when he was last in HK as loads of people were talking about it so I made sure I snapped up tickets as early as I could this time around. Tickets are available on HK Ticketing in case you are in need of a good laugh!

Things I did with Eve:

  • We had a breakfast in bed pyjama party over our lazy CNY holiday and Eve rocked her nicest pj’s for this very special event (I sadly need to work on my cute pyjama collection!). Her comfy bed wear is from Monday’s Child, which we mentioned in our January What Sassy Mama Wants. With 100% of the profits going to charity and the quality being top notch I think this may become my go-to kiddie gift idea (which I know is so totally boring for the little ones!)
  • Eve loves a good book and while I love that she is into reading I have to admit that I have been getting a bit tired of the same old books every night. So, I just ordered a few new stories from Bookbugz, which is a HK based online shop that sells books at great prices and delivers them straight to your door. We are currently waiting for ‘Kiss Goodnight, Sam‘ (and a few more too!).


  • Long Hong Kong hours are brutal for trying to do weekday family dinners at Thompson HQ before Eve goes to bed. So last week we got lucky and were able to do a work week dinner together as a family of three. So Eve didn’t have her usual table of one (that sounds so depressing when I write it!) and had a very special date out on the town with her fam. We treated Miss Evie to dinner at K-Town Bar & Grill and she ordered soft tacos off the adult menu. Question for mamas, do you do family dinners together during the week? How do you make it work without sacrificing bedtime routines? I need advice, as I really want to instill a family dinner time tradition!

As always, I’d love, love, love to hear from you so just shoot me an email at I’ll also be at our upcoming Sassy Mama Bloom Brunch so hope to see you there for some great food and company! Chat soon, mamas!

The lead image was taken by Sophie Rouillon Photography – get in touch with Sophie here!

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