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The Lowdown On All The New International Schools In Hong Kong

new schools in hong kong
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New year, new schools!

We look to our educational expert, Ruth Benny of Top Schools as she dishes on some of the new schools popping up all over Hong Kong. Old schools moving, growing and changing. Here’s a round up of the changes for the 2016/17 academic year for primary and secondary schools:

American School Hong Kong†

ASHK is a new American school in Tai Po offering the US Common Core Curriculum. Operated by ESOL Education, the world’s largest operator of international American schools, ASHK opened with with around 100 students from 16 nationalities in Kindergarten – G6. A Middle School will be added in 2017 and a High School in 2018.

ASHK is the first international school in Hong Kong offering the program with STEAM focus, providing US Common Core Curriculum and IB Diploma as an option.

Annual Tuition Fees:

KG2: HK$137,500
Grade 1 – 4: HK$159,000
Grade 5 – 6: HK$169,000

Optional debenture of $600,000 (depreciating).

the harbour school

The Harbour School†*

The long awaited expansion of The Harbour School started last year when the new Garden campus in Ap Lei Chau opened in September 2015 for Grades 4-9. The Grove is scheduled to open in November 2016 with Grades 1-4. This is a renovated school building within walking distance of The Garden. At some point, students will be reshuffled between the two (or three, including Kennedy Town) locations.

Annual Tuition Fees:

Pre-K-K: $152,600
G1-G8: $160,600 – 167,900

Family debenture: $400,000 (One is mandatory); $20,000/year annual levy for siblings.

Think International Primary School

Think International Primary School has expanded to add a new private secondary school at a separate site in Kowloon. Housed in a renovated school building, the school has recruited some students for this year, with space for more to join. The school offers the Cambridge Secondary curriculum, plus the IB Diploma.

Annual Tuition Fees:

Reception -Y3: $44,000-90,000
G4-G7: $97,000

No debenture currently. This will surely change in the near future!

Delia School of Canada*

Kowloon East Campus was scheduled to open in September 2016 but is delayed while waiting for the Education Bureau to approve the licence. No concrete information as yet.

Looking forward to 2017/18…

Chinese Academy Primary School*

A small private, internationalised primary school is due to open in a new building adjacent to Confucius Hall Secondary School in Causeway Bay in Sept 2017. Based on Confucianism, the school will use its own curriculum, delivered in English and Putonghua. By 2020, it’s planned to open a secondary section.

Fees are expected to be around $100,000/year plus a capital levy.

Stamford American School*

A new campus in Hong Kong, in a renovated school building, opens September 2017 in Ho Man Tin, Kowloon. Opening with 500 students in its first year, full capacity will be 1,100. It will use IB with a standards-based curriculum based on the American Education Reaches Out (AERO) and Common Core Plus frameworks.

Tuition fees are expected to be slightly more than $150,000/year, possibly with additional annual levies.

mount kelly international school

Mount Kelly International School*

Located very near Harrow School in Tuen Mun, this will be the first British Preparatory School in Hong Kong and plans to open Years 1-8 in September 2017. For that to happen, construction must begin by December 2016.

Although the school opened admissions and sold some debentures for HK1.92M, the leadership team has changed and all has been quiet since then.

Annual Tuition Fees:

Y1 – Y2:$155,000
Y3 – Y4: $165000
Y5 – Y6: $175,000
Y7 – Y8: $185,000

Looking forward to 2018/19…

malvern college

Malvern College Hong Kong*†

Malvern College Hong Kong will open in September 2018, initially with around 380 students in Years 1-9. At full capacity, they’ll have 960 students in Years 1 – 13. MCHK will offer the full International Baccalaureate curriculum.

Applications will open in September 2016, with entrance assessments starting around November 2017.

Fees will be around $150,000/year with debentures available at $800,000 for individuals and $3.5M for companies.

Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong*†

Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong was selected by the Education Bureau to open a new international primary school in Tseung Kwan O in 2018 on a greenfield site. Since then, we’ve heard literally nothing. Nevertheless, we’re very much hoping they’ll go ahead with the plan to recruit around 850 students aged 5 to 11studying the National Curriculum for England.

The application process is expected to begin in late 2017 with tuition fees to be around $170,000/ year.

french international school

French International School*†

A fourth campus is under construction in Tsueng Kwan O for around 1,000 primary and secondary students from both the French and the International streams taking the total number of students to 3,700 by 2020.

Annual Tuition Fees:

English Section:

Primary: $114,242

French Section:

Kindergarten: $100,288
Primary:$100,288 – $96,589
IB: $124,873 – 152,786

Bilingual Section:

Kindergarten: $109,815
Primary:$106,731 – 109,815

Debentures: Individual: $90,000 or Company: $250,000 (priority). One type is mandatory.


We’ve been hearing that PIPS, Little Dalton and others will open a primary school sometime soon. We’ve already been waiting some years and we’re not holding our breath. We advise parents of students at these schools to consider all options for primary and do not rely on the promise of a new school. It’s notoriously difficult to start a school in Hong Kong. Many have tried and failed.

For professional guidance on choosing schools in Hong Kong, consider hiring a Top Schools consultant as your personal coach.

*All these schools are currently unregistered. Provisional registration of the school with the Education Department Bureau has been applied for but is currently pending approval. The opening of these schools is subject to the approval of the provisional school registration by the Education Bureau.

Around 85-90% of students must hold passports other than, or in addition to, HK SAR. Whether or not PRC passports count as ‘other’ depends on the school.


We hope you found this useful, mama! Happy school hunting!

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