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Organic Vegetable Baskets from Homegrown Foods

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Something I always loved about living in Europe was how easy it was to recycle, and the ready availability of organic veggies at local markets. Since coming to Hong Kong, like most expats, I’ve kind of tailed off with the green living, and now catch myself putting all kinds of perfectly recyclable rubbish straight into the bin. I purchase Australian meat and milk, and big, fat, delicious strawberries with a hugely guilt-inducing amount of air miles attached to them. Basically, I’m an ecological mess!

I was really glad then to hear that the team behind Posto Publico, who are big champions of the “localvore” movement here in Hong Kong, have launched a new vegetable box scheme to deliver locally-grown vegetables right to your door! All produce from Homegrown Foods is sourced from professionally managed family farms in Hong Kong and China that are free from synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, sewage sludge, bioengineering or ionizing radiation.

Two sizes of boxes are available containing 7-8 varieties of vegetables each: small boxes (HK298)that are good for 2-3 people, and large ones (HK546) for 4-6 people. A 5-week trial package is available at HK$1,420 for a small box and HK$2,840 for a large, or you can sign up for six and 12-month memberships.

In a summer box you might find Purple Beans, Sweet Potatoes, French White Eggplants, Amaranth and Israeli Tomatoes amongst a whole wealth of other items. The great thing is that you will get whatever is freshest and best that week, giving you and your kids the chance to try and discover new things and an extra huge incentive to eat your greens!

To order your vegetable box, email [email protected], or visit the homegrown foods website for further details.

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