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Pizzeria Pubblico: NY Style Pizzeria in Central

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Love it or loathe it, you’ve got to admit that pizza is the one thing that kids of ALL ages will eat. My 5 year-old twin nephews are as happy to munch slices of margarita (no bits on it) as my own teens are to devour an entire pepperoni in one sitting.

But finding decent pizza even in a city packed with great restaurants as Hong Kong is, is surprisingly difficult. Some fast food ones are just like eating cardboard and ketchup, while the expensive deluxe ones aren’t usually welcoming to kids.

Well, that’s about to change — thank goodness — with the impending arrival of PIZZERIA PUBBLICO – Posto Pubblico’s little sister and the newest, most authentic New York style Pizzeria in town. It’ll be located on Tsun Wing Lane (beside Kinwick Centre), SoHo in June. Honouring its proud roots, heritage, and the generations-old recipes it serves, the 35-seat Pizzeria Pubblico serves bona fide New York style pies, with a real Pizza joint attitude, making it the first of its kind in Hong Kong.

Having established Hong Kong’s original New York Italian osteria almost three years ago, Pizzeria Pubblico continues this trend by taking its pies, and proudly placing them front and centre on its menu offering. The affordable, quality New York style slices are accompanied by a small selection of salads and subs, ensuring the focus is on serving the most authentic New York style pizzas in town. Available by the slice (starting at HK$25 each), the 18 inch rounds come in a range of three varieties, alongside an additional three daily specialty pies, some incorporating the now famous Posto Pubblico ‘made-fresh-daily-in-house’ mozzarella. Pizza crusts are also made fresh from scratch, stretched and thrown on the premises for customers and passers by to watch through the window fronted shop. Pizzeria Pubblico pies are then baked to perfection with a crispy bite that still has a chew, deliberately steering away from the over-sized doughy NY pizza imitations often found in the city.

Executive Chef, Vinny Lauria’s Sicilian background, combined with Co- founder Rob Spina’s Grandfather’s recipes (an original NY pizzaiolo also from Sicily) ensure the flavours are absolutely authentic without the addition of any toppings regularly found on Hong Kong pizzas.  Customers can look forward to homemade pepperoni, homemade sausage, Brooklyn special, and plain slices (cheese) as just a few of the daily offerings. Pizzeria Pubblico’s subs, meanwhile, are made with fresh, housemade artisanal bread baked fresh each morning. Fillings include Posto Pubblico’s famous veal meatballs, which are slated to become a best seller on the sub offerings.

Pizzeria Pubblico has a similar cool look and feel of its Elgin Street sister, and offers the same friendly and unpretentious hospitality that means you can bring the kids, grab a glass of vino, and enjoy.

Pizzeria Pubblico, G/F, Tsun Wing Lane (next to Kinwick Centre), SoHo, Central, Hong Kong, 2530 2779

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