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Purls of Wisdom: Knitting in Hong Kong

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One of my gal pals is in a rather unusual business for Hong Kong – yarn.  But not just any yarn.  Her stuff is positively psychedelic. She spins all sorts of wild, gorgeous stuff into her custom creations – we’re talking bits of ribbons, sequins, teeny tiny flower appliqués. It’s couture yarn, that’s the only way to describe itAnd it’s divine.

So for those of you with a knack for knitting, she’s just sent me a tip on a seriously adorable, fresh and funky baby blanket kit.  And with a name like “Super Easy Baby Blanket Kit” it doesn’t sound like one of those projects that will sit quasi-finished and hanging over your head until the wee one is headed off to college.  And it ships internationally!

Offered by super chic knitting boutique Purl Soho in NYC, this kit is just what it says it is – a Super Easy Baby Blanket Kit. And it contains everything, including the yarn in your choice of bold colors, the full color printed pattern – even a Shout Color Catcher to use the first time you wash your blanket….’cause yes, the yarn is machine washable!  You just need your own needles and you’re off and running. Plus, it’s all presented in a lovely, sturdy box that makes it a great gift.

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