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Learning a language is not a particularly easy thing to do, for anyone. Sure, you can study it in books and even in school, but to actually absorb it and make it a part of who you are, you need more than just traditional language classes. And for kids, with their kid-attention spans and playful nature, learning a new language can be overwhelming and yes, flat out BORING. Venture Language Training understands that the key to helping children fully learn and master the English language is through creating a stimulating, supportive atmosphere where each student is inspired and fully engaged in learning. It’s not just rote memorisation and regurgitation, it’s living the language, understanding it, but it’s also having fun in the process.

Venture Language Training has been helping students in Hong Kong master the English language for 30 years. It offers a comprehensive and highly creative approach to language learning unique to any other English language school in Hong Kong. Before placement, Venture does a careful assessment of each of their students, both those attending their school and the business programme, to determine all aspects of their propensity to learn English before programme placement. Its programmes offer a unique teaching methodology which includes using different, lively interactive group sessions to maximise knowledge acquisition. Venture believes in helping each student reach their full potential and offers support by constantly checking in with them and continually discussing progress with the teachers. Venture is committed to its students’ success.

Venture Language Training inspires its students to learn in a unique and engaging way with its Trinity Guildhall Speech and Drama programmes. Through these programmes, students build confidence, develop their communication skills and enhance their creative talents. Through speech, movement and personal presentation exercises and performances, students learn to interact effectively while developing clear, articulate speech and fluent delivery, which leads to the ability to be creative and spontaneous in their conversations and discussions.

In particular, Venture’s Speech and Drama programmes offer language-enrichment activities that focus on free expression, speech articulation, voice strengthening & projection, creative movement, language enhancement, structured improvisations, dialogue & scene development, small group improvisation and theatre skills. Venture also helps students enrol for the prestigious Trinity Graded Exams.

Venture’s speech training in renowned in Hong Kong for its thorough and individually-tailored approach. The instructors employ techniques that work on posture, deep breathing, variance of tone and modulation, effective gestures and facial expression. Again, this is not your average English language school.

In addition, Venture Language offers top-notch and effective exam prep. The teachers help students hone their improvisational discussion skills. They teach their students to consider multiple perspective and factors to be able to give well-rounded answers, to keep the listener engaged and to successfully open and close discussions.

Venture Language School does everything in their power to help their students succeed. They know that English proficiency is crucial to a successful academic experience and future career. They take special care in helping each student reach the goal of having a command of English so strong that it sounds like their mother tongue.

This kind of dedication, focus and commitment to your child’s learning is what every mama desires from a school. If you want to help your child learn to communicate and express themselves confidently all while enjoying an engaging and supportive environment (and most likely even having fun), visit or contact Venture Language School today.

Venture Language School, 1A, 163 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2507 4989,

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