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Sassy Mama Supports: Star Flower Centre

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The holidays seem like a distant memory now that we’re full swing into 2015! We’re sure you’ve had a fantastic time indulging in Christmas treats and stuffing yourself silly, and now’s the time we give back some of those blessings! We’re highlighting a fantastic charity below that supports education for migrant children in Thailand – with just a small donation, you can make a big difference!

What is the Star Flower Centre?

The Star Flower Centre is the only school along the Thai-Myanmar (Burma) border that enrols migrant children with special educational needs. The Centre develops individual education programs for each child, where they can learn subjects such as Math, English, Art and Drama. There are also specialised classes catered to the children’s needs such as sign language class, where a teacher guides hearing impaired children through a computer program teaching them Myanmar sign language. The Star Flower Centre is an incredible learning centre for some of Thailand’s most marginalised children to learn and develop necessary skills.

What can you teach your children about The Star Flower Centre?

With Thailand being a holiday destination for most families in Hong Kong, this is a way to open your children’s eyes to see and understand the needs of their peers who live in a different context. Children learn compassion and gratitude through their parents and by those around them. By teaching your kids at a young age that inclusion and compassion for others are important virtues, they’ll learn how to care for those less fortunate and to be kind to others. By creating awareness, you are also helping to break down social stigmas against disabilities. Show your children the videos of the students at the Star Flower Centre and they’ll be able to see for themselves that although some kids need more help, like them, they just want to learn and play!

How can you and your family help support the Star Flower Centre?

Support the Star Flower Centre by learning more about the life stories behind these kids on their youtube channel.  By learning and advocating for the Star Flower, you are helping the kids gain a voice that would not be otherwise heard! You can also support the Centre by donating at the Crowdrise page here. If you go through the donation process with your children and get them to enter their names in, their name will automatically be added to the scroll of funders which encourages children to have ownership over giving (and it’s fun!).

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