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More from Maura: Sassy Mama founder Maura dishes out her top mama tips!

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This is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute – just sit right there. I’m gonna tell you all about my life as a mama juggling loads of balls in mid-air…

And so, the story goes like this: My whole world changed 15 months ago when my daughter Eve was born at Queen Mary Hospital on 4 October, 2013. And with all the change that comes with being a new mama, it meant that some balls fell pretty quickly to the ground so that others could stay in motion. One of those balls was being involved in the writing side of the business and now that the fog has somewhat cleared on the chaos that was year 1, I am ready to pick that ball back up and start doing a bit of writing here and there.

So that means you will be hearing more from me in a new column called More from Maura, which will be a mini diary of what I get up to as I try my very best (and sometimes fail) to successfully juggle mamahood, work, me time and keeping my relationships intact. I’ll be inserting my best mama tips here and there, from Eve’s favourite play centres around town to must-try dining spots to tried-and-tested mama products and more. I hope you enjoy it and are able to pick up some words of wisdom along the way!

When life gets messy… 

Being a mom to Eve (or Evie as we also call her) has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, but it isn’t perfect at all times. You know what, the perfectionist in me is beginning to realise that it’s okay to not have everything look so put together from the outside. If you look at my Instagram feed, you’ll see a number of super cute pictures of Eve, but if you looked beyond those photos into my ‘real’ life, chances are you may catch a glimpse of the not so shiny side of ‘juggling it all’.

You would see me trying to head up a sales and editorial meeting at Sassy HQ while holding a squirming Eve in my arms. And you would also see her throw up ALL over me the moment I was trying to get a super important point across to my team. Yep, that was my life this week so here is your official (and real!) welcome to my life as a #sassymama! Speaking of which, this article hit home for me as it is such an honest view of how life behind the scenes can be. It showed me that behind so many of the glam photos that we see these days on social media, there may be someone who is running around feeling crazed, or stressed or super guilty about letting some ball drop out of the air. It feels so good acknowledging to myself finally that I don’t have to be perfect and who knows, you may just see an unflattering picture of me or Eve pop up on Instagram someday soon…


For Mama: Pampering and a pizza party   

  • One of my New Years Resolutions was to find more times to pamper myself this year and my easy solution is to schedule my pampering appointments for after Eve goes to bed. This is usually a quiet time in my house anyway, so it’s the perfect opportunity to fit in a mani that isn’t served with a side of mama guilt. This week I headed to Essential Spa, which is my local mani spot in Kennedy Town for a post bedtime mani. Next on my list is calling Strip and Browhaus for a bikini wax and eyebrow appointment (I always make these back to back as they are in the same building in Central so I can check two things off my list within 45 min!)
  • I am so late to this game, but after needing to cancel dinner reservations here four times (don’t ask!) I finally had dinner at Ho Lee Fook. I had a girls birthday dinner there last week and it was fab. I am not the foodie here at Sassy Mama HQ so rather than tell you what I loved, you’re probably in better hands reading our official review here!
  • We had a fun Sassy x The9thMuse Pizza Party last week and I mixed work with a bit of shopping for me. I picked up a ring from this line and have been pretty much wearing it constantly since I brought it home.
  • I am falling a tiny bit in love with these online workout video rentals from Physique 57. I rented a class last Saturday and thought it was a great time saver and workout (I just started with the 35 minute, no equipment necessary class). They are taught by Physique 57 instructors and you can rent a video for USD5 and it lasts for 2 days.


For Baby: Bumpin’ along in boyfriend jeans…  

  • We just started a weekly Kindermusik class at Elite Starz. Michelle, the fab lady behind this spot, seems pretty great so far. Eve is super into music and dancing so this sort of class is right up her alley.
  • I picked up a mini table and chairs for her at Ikea (it was SO cheap!). It’s super simple in design so I am thinking of maybe doing a bit of DIY action on it. There are just so many cool things you can do with Ikea furniture these days. Check out this article here for some inspo, along with this site here. I’ll report back if any of my hacks are successful!
  • Eve wore her first pair of Boyfriend jeans, which I purchased at Zara (not exactly these but similar). I always wanted a pair myself but don’t think I can pull them off so I am officially styling my daughter how I wish I could dress. Just seeing her rocking these makes me realise the baby days are a thing of the past. I am officially in toddler territory now!
  • We popped by an Open House at Little Yogis, which is a yoga and cooking studio for the little ones in Wong Chuk Hang. I love the idea of introducing Eve to a bit of movement through yoga followed by some healthy eating so am thinking of signing up for a trial class!
  • Oh, and we can’t forget. Eve also threw up all over me. That was pretty much our low point of the week, as you can imagine!

So, there you have it. There’s no more from me for now but if you ever have any questions or comments I would love, love, love to hear from you. Just shoot me an email at I will also be at our next Mama Meetup (click here for the deets) so hope to see you there. Chat soon, mamas!

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