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Sassy Mama’s 4 Quick and Easy Ways to Change your Diet

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A motivational speaker, yoga teacher, healthy food advocate, chef, health and wellness expert, and all-around cool mum to four kids, Nealy Fischer is the inspirational founder behind MAYYA Movement, which aims to help women lead healthy, balanced and confident lives through comprehensive wellness solutions. In addition to being a health and fitness guru, she’s also a wonderful writer, if you haven’t checked out her blog yet! We’re excited to have her onboard Sassy Mama to share her top tips to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle with our readers each month… read on to discover 4 quick ways to change your diet, plus special Sassy Mama solutions! 

Summer is quickly creeping up on us, but we still have time to make some healthy lifestyle changes and get that beach body ready… Well, that’s what we tell ourselves at least!

The thing is, it is NOT that tough to get started, so I’m here to give you 4 simple ways to get started in achieving that body we all ‘crave’.

Instead of relying on willpower to modify our behaviour what if we simply change our environment? You don’t have to resist the temptation of a chocolate chip cookie if you don’t have a whole jar of them on your countertop, right?

Here are 4 simple changes to instantly modify your environment and create a supportive healthy space around you:

1. Change who you dine with

Yes, one of the most dangerous acts is eating with those who don’t share the same mindset, those who would much rather enjoy a deep-fried dish as opposed to a fresh salad. “Come on! It’s just one French fry!” is an offer all to convincing to turn down, and we all know it’s a slippery slope if you have that one. When my husband and I first got married he would order the most drool worthy pizza on a Saturday night (and on Sunday he ran it all off). It took every ounce of willpower I had to resist it, and nibble on my sad looking salad. This doesn’t mean you should never eat pizza, just don’t dine with someone who does if you’ve decided it’s off-limits for you.

2. Change your cupboard

It’s time to clean out that cupboard that we all reach for when we’re ‘just looking for a snack’. You can’t have what you don’t have. This is especially important for those who have children. They all grow up learning where the goodies are and start to help themselves whenever they want. Only keep snacks at home that you’re OK with them eating. Otherwise, can you really blame them for reaching for the chips and sweets?

3. Change your sleep patterns

Sleeping habits vary from person to person, but give going to bed before 10pm a try. If you’re a night person, don’t stop reading now, it might just make all the difference. Late night munchies are a hard thing to resist. Chances are, by then you’ve exhausted your willpower stores over the course of the day. Basically, you’re tired of saying no, so you’re likely to cave and binge. So instead of suffering through your nightly craves, just go to bed earlier, and you won’t be up raiding the cabinets!

4. Change your stress levels

Stress, as we know, has an adverse effect on weight, mood, skin and overall wellbeing. I could site dozens of scientific studies on this subject, but I think it’s better to share my simple personal experience: I am one of those people who is stressed out too often. And, if you’re a type A person like me, chances are that you are too. To better manage our weight and our happiness we need to let go more often. We need to take things less seriously. When we do, the weight of the world (and perhaps the stress weight glued to our midsection) has a better chance to ‘melt’.

Nealy’s Sassy Mama Solutions:  

Do you have a special diet plan when you go for vacation?

I pretty much stick to the same eating plan wherever I am. If I’m eating out I opt for a raw salad with a grilled fish or meat. I always pack emergency travel snacks. Here are my favourites: raw almonds, kale chips, raw crackers, canned organic salmon and dried edamame. Oh, and always pack your own food for the plane or you’ll be stuck hungry and eating something you’ll regret.

Anything you recommend to help for a better sleep e.g. essential oil/special yoga movement, meditation?

The best way I recommend winding down for bed is shutting off all devices and keeping them far away from your bed. Wind down with some hot water and a few supine hip openers and twists to unwind. Curl up with a good book before you drift off to sleep.

What do you think is key to de-stress ourselves as mothers in this hectic city?

One of the main things is to find a place of refuge where you feel you can truly relax into some conscious downtime. Perhaps it’s somewhere outdoors, at your favorite retardant or in your bedroom by the window. Wherever it is, go there when you need to chill and reboot.

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