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Mamas, it’s time to get your pre-baby bod back with Restoring Mums!

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All mamas know that pregnancy and giving birth is no easy process, and once your little bundle has arrived and you’re busy round-the-clock with feeding and nappy changes, there’s little to no time to spend on your own recovery. Restoring Mums helps you on your journey to feeling fit and fab again in no time with their customised slimum™ treatments, and they’re now offering an exclusive Mother’s Day discount for Sassy Mamas!

Restoring Mums was created after founder Karen Loke went through her own struggle to restore her figure following the birth of her first child. When she became pregnant a second time, she set out to find an easier, quicker way to get back in shape post-baby! Her search led to the discovery of traditional abdominal binding and with that, the insight that mother’s could naturally (and easily!) restore their pre-baby figures and with the right recovery and restoration treatments.

At Restoring Mums, a team of professional therapists use Karen’s specially designed slimum™ treatments to help mothers of all shapes and sizes shape up post-baby using a combination of techniques like traditional jamu massages, abdominal binding, lymph drainage, scar massage* and natural remedies. All treatments are designed with the mother’s well-being in mind, using only natural herbal remedies and essential oils with therapeutic properties.

With the goal to Relax, Restore, Renew and Recharge, Restoring Mums offers a safe haven for new mamas to heal both physically and mentally, without judgment and without fear. The key to a happy, healthy family is a happy, healthy mama, and Restoring Mums makes that possible with their tried-and-tested treatments and personal care to support your health and well-being!

Take advantage of their Mother’s Day special and enjoy:

slimum TUMMY 
  • $8,200 for 5-sessions treatment ($1,000 discount; Original price $9,200)
  • $14,440 for 10-sessions treatment ($3,000 discount; Original price $17,440)
slimum BODY
  • $12,000 for 5-sessions treatment ($2,000 discount; Original price $14,000)
  • $21,400 for 10-sesions treatment ($5,000 discount; Original price is $26,400)

Make a booking here and quote “SassyMama” to enjoy this limited time special offer.

*Bookings need to be made by 31 May 2015 stating your delivery date, and treatments will be carried out after mum’s delivery which can be in or after May 2015. A booking deposit of $1,000 shall be paid upon booking. 

Check out Restoring Mum’s blog for more tips on women’s wellness, quotes and stories.

*offered in slimum™ by KAREN only

Brought to you in partnership with Restoring Mums

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