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Sensational Baby: A New Multi-Sensory Playgroup!

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Sensational Baby in Quarry Bay offers multi-sensory classes to babies and young children, beginning at six weeks through to two years old. Each 45-minute session is filled with sense-building activities including baby massage, sign language and fabric play, song, movement and music. I took my six month old daughter along to one of the first sessions to try it out for Sassy Mama…

The classes are held in a dance studio room, so the space is surrounded by mirrors – great for babies who can’t get enough of staring at their own reflections! The class started with some mat time, sitting with our babies and singing hello to the other babies around in a circle. As it’s a casual environment, there is no pressure for your baby to be fully participating at any one time. Throughout the class different babies cried or were fed, and the atmosphere was very understanding of the fact that babies have their moods which can’t really be controlled.

Kathryn Eagle is the founder of Sensational Baby, and also leads the classes. Kathryn is mama herself to one-year-old Reuben, and has a background as a teacher and child carer. She came up with the idea of the classes when she was looking for ways to entertain Reuben. “The idea for Sensational Baby just came to me. I’d also found it hard to find places to meet new mums and learn how to care for these new little people in our lives. Sensational Baby combines those three components. It is a place to meet new parents, to learn new ways to interact with your child, and to let your baby roam and explore.”

As the class continued, with plenty of fun songs which Kathryn runs you through the words of before you actually have to launch yourself into singing, E was having so much fun. The sensory part came next, when the floor was strewn with tactile fabrics (including furs and twinkling sequins) and a “disco cave” complete with glitter balls was set up in a little tent. There is so much for little hands (and mouths!) to explore that I got a little worried E might even get a little over-stimulated, usually a precursor to total meltdown. Thankfully though, Kathryn skillfully brought the class to a close with another song right at this point, and everyone went away very happy!

Sensational Baby sessions are available in two age groups; from six weeks to crawling, and from crawling to two years. Each session lasts 45 minutes, divided between whole group activities, free exploration and parent-to-parent free time.

Classes are currently open in Quarry Bay, with Sai Kung and Central classes coming soon.

Sensational Baby offers six-week (HK$680) and three-month (HK$1600) packages, or drop-in classes. (HK$180). See for more details.

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