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Sport4kids – Offering the Widest Range of Sports for Your Growing Child

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Our contributor Jahnavi tells us all about her 4-year olds’ experience with Sport4Kids.

When is the right age to introduce your child to sports? The sooner the better since sports are nothing but skilled playtime. Recently my 4-year old had the chance to attend a mini-sports class run by Sport4kids.

Sport4Kids was started a few years ago by a team of two coaches and has since grown into a company that runs classes in a variety of sporting activities all over Hong Kong. They offer rugby, soccerswimminggymnasticsbasketballmini-sports and other fun activities to children from age 18 month olds to 16 years old.

The class was organized at one of their public locations, at the Pokfulam road playground. It being November, the weather was just perfect and the children were full of energy enjoying every minute of the class. Since it was a mini-sports class, instead of concentrating on any single sport, the class revolved around fun games and activities through which the kids learnt basic team building skills such as coordination and cooperation; things that can help on and off the field. The children also learnt how to pass to other children, how to control their movement, and how to compete against each other while never forgetting the most important element of fun.


The class we attended catered to the age group of 3.5 to 5 years and the children were encouraged to participate in the class independently under the guidance of a very patient coach. We had Coach Ben, a senior coach who has coached tens of thousands of children and athletes across the UK, Africa, Australia, America and Asia in a range of sports.

At Sport4Kids the classes are conducted in a fun filled environment structured to build a foundation for the love of sports early on in life. The core philosophy at Sport4kids is to encourage a sporting spirit, boost confidence and self esteem irrespective of a child’s level of competence. Sport4kids is hinged on the belief that positive early sports experiences can help to create a healthy and fulfilling sporting habit for life. This sporting spirit and the lessons learnt can benefit your child in all aspects of life.

Sport4kids has an army of amazing coaches who are not only well trained but go above and beyond by adding a touch of creativity to make learning fun. Sport4kids also have many years experience running after-school activities and PE curriculums from school to high school. At present they teach classes at schools and kindergartens including ISF, City Kids, French International School, Hong Kong Academy, Glenealy School and Discovery Minds.

Also at a very reasonable price, Sport4kids organize fun-filled sports-themed birthday parties. A Sports4kids party typically includes Games and sports activities for all the children with prizes and great give aways.

Highlights of the class:

  • Fun, fun, fun!
  • Loads of activity in a medium of instruction that is easy and effective.
  • Great coaches who make it a treat for the kids to learn as they play.
  • To enquire regarding a trial class or learn more about Sport4kids click here.



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