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“Family Has Always Got To Be First And The Rest Will Sort Itself Out.” Michael Bublé Talks About New Music, Family, And Baby Number 4!

Win a signed copy of Michael Bublé's new album, Higher

Bublé is back and he’s got a cracking new album: Higher. We were lucky to have a one-on-one with the man himself to chat about music, pregnancy announcements, and his top parenting tips. Plus, get your hands on an exclusive signed copy of his new album! Read on for details. Here’s 16 questions with Sassy Papa, Michael Bublé.

We sit here writing up Michale Bublé’s answers to this interview, tapping our foot along to the sound of his new album, Higher. From his familiar vocals on vintage classics like “A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square”, to catchy new melodies in, “I’ll Never Not Love You”, it’s easy to see (or hear!) why Bublé is a well-loved household name.

Michael never shies away from talking about his love for his family and how they influence him every day, through work and life. We find out his top parenting tips, what it was like working with Sir Paul McCartney, and bouncing back to work, post-pandemic.

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Win a signed copy of Michael Bublé's new album, Higher

Congrats on the new album! How did you feel going into the making of this album after a hiatus?

I was excited and a little anxious, I think everybody has been through a lot with COVID. It meant a lot to me to get back into some sense of normalcy though – it means a lot for all of us to get back to normal.

What’s it been like making a record during a pandemic? Has anything been easier or more challenging?

It doesn’t really matter when you make a record, it’s a snapshot of where you are in your life. I’m happy to say, the snapshot it took of my life is a grateful, happy and centred man, who loves making music for the people he loves making it for.

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Who or what is the inspiration behind Higher?

The inspiration is always the same, it’s the loves of my life! My family, the beautiful audience out there, and my kids. And I just love music, I always have, I’m blessed to make it, I’m blessed to do it.

Describe Higher in three words

My best yet!

Are you a romantic person?

Of course I’m a romantic at heart. I think the men I looked up to were also romantics, and I don’t think there is anything soft or weak in saying that. I’m a big fan of romantic films too. The truth is I’m a fan of happy endings, I like to believe they can happen in real life too, and the good guys can win sometimes.

Are you a “Swiftie”? Why did you choose reference Taylor Swift’s 10-minute “All Too Well” short film in the “Haven’t Met You Yet” music video?

Of course I’m a Swiftie! I chose what I thought were some of the greatest moments in Cinema. From old movies from as far back as I can remember, to the newest one and that’s why Taylor is in there.

What’s your favourite romantic on-screen duo?

Probably Hans Solo and Princess Leia.

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Win a signed copy of Michael Bublé's new album, Higher

You’re pretty impressive as the leading man in your videos. Are we going to see “Michael Bublé” in any movie credits in the future?

Of course you’ll see some acting from me – I do it every single night on stage! It’s a part of the craft.

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How involved are your family with your music? Are you a musical family?

I’d say my family is always involved in my music. My wife especially, she’s got a great sense of style and I trust her implicitly. Every single song on this album was inspired by my family!

What was it like working with Sir Paul McCartney?

It meant a lot to me to work with Sir Paul McCartney. And, more than that, to have a man I respect so much trusted me with his art – it doesn’t get better.

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Win a signed copy of Michael Bublé's new album, Higher

Have your musical inspirations changed over the years?

My musical inspirations change every single day. I love pop music and I love hearing what young artists have to offer, it changes every single day.

You cover Sam Cooke and Willie Nelson on this album. How do you bring your own spin to old songs, and why you chose these artists in particular?

My job is always to reimagine songs, it’s what I’m best at. I love writing, I love creating brand new originals, but there’s something really special about being a custodian of The Great American Songbook, and the artists and repertoire that I so much love.

Win a signed copy of Michael Bublé's new album, Higher

How would you describe yourself?

I have a lot of love to give! I have a lot of experience, I’ve lived a lot of life, and I think I’ve become the greatest in the world at what I do.

I’m able to reimagine, conceptualise and make some incredible cinematic music, along with the incredible artists I work with. I’m a lucky man.

At the end of the “I’ll Never Not Love You” video, you and your wife revealed that you’re expecting your fourth child. How did you announce previous pregnancies?

We’ve had 4 now (laughs). I don’t even remember how we announced the other pregnancies! I’m pretty sure it’s always my wife taking the lead on that, I just sort of trust her and fall in behind (laughs).

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Can you share some advice for balancing family life and work?

I can tell you, that you can never have a balance. Family has always got to be first and the rest will sort itself out.

What are your three key parenting tips?

  1. Giving unconditional love is a good start.
  2. Teaching them the Golden Rule: treat people the way you want to be treated.
  3. Hopefully making sure, you show them by your actions instead of words how to treat people in the world around you.

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Win A Signed Copy Of Michael Bublé’s New Album, Higher

Win a signed copy of Michael Bublé's new album, Higher

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