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Family-Friendly Movies And TV Shows To Watch On Disney+ Hong Kong

Disney Plus Hong Kong Sneakerella
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We all love a good movie night. From Pixar to Marvel and National Geographic, here’s our list of movies and shows to watch on Disney+ to keep the whole family entertained. Cue the popcorn!

We movie buff Mamas and Papas were so excited when Disney+ launched in Hong Kong in 2021! Time to raise our movie buff babies! Belting out to our favourite Disney tunes is always on the cards when we need a quick break from working from home or online classes. Beat the social-distancing blues with our list of family-friendly movies and shows to watch on Disney+ Hong Kong, be it classic childhood favourites like Lion King or recent hits like Encanto (a sing-along is promised!).

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What’s New On Disney+ This Month

Disney Plus Hong Kong The Quest

The Quest

From the team of Lord of the Rings and The Amazing Race, comes the new hybrid reality fantasy series The Quest. Real life teens will compete in a fictional kingdom called Everealm  – imagine a real castle immersed in a hi-tech fantasy world filled with mystical creatures, sorcerers and dungeons (not to mention amazing costumes)! It’s up to the teens to protect the kingdom from falling into the wrong hands. It’s sometimes hard to draw the line between fantasy and reality, and that’s what’s going to keep the teens and tweens on their toes (oh, and did we mention the dragons?).

The Quest airs on Disney+ Hong Kong on Wednesday, 11 May.


Another take on Cinderella? Yes, because it never gets old! The reimagined, modern storyline follows El, an aspiring sneaker designer from Queens who works as a stock boy in the shoe store. He hides his dreams and artistic talents from his step-father and mean-spirited stepbrothers. Then El meets Kira King, a fiercely independent daughter of a basketball legend and their mutual love for sneakers bring them close and a step closer for El to set foot on his dreams. Get ready to belt to some fresh tunes in this musical drama!

Sneakerella airs on Disney+ Hong Kong on Friday, 13 May.

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Disney Plus Hong Kong Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers

A comeback 30 years in the making! Featuring John Mulaney as Chip and Andy Samberg as Dale, you know you’re in for some quality action-packed entertainment. We love the juxtaposition of real life clips with CG animation of the characters. Chip works as an insurance salesman whereas Dale come back with a “CGI surgury” (you’ll get it when you watch it!). Chip and Dale put past their differences and gather their other pals (catch ameos of Pumba, the Magic Carpet and more!) to save their missing friend. Catch your favourite afternoon television stars in this Disney original movie – it’s not a reboot, it’s a comeback!

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers airs on Disney+ Hong Kong on Friday, 20 May.

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We Feed People

Chef José Andrés owns restaurants across The US and this documentary spotlights his non-profit organisation, World Central Kitchen (WCK), which helps communities dealing with disaster by providing healthy food. From what started as a small group of volunteers to becoming one of the most highly regarded humanitarian aid organisations in the disaster relief sector, follow the NGO’s incredible 12-year journey. Definitely a must-watch as it also highlights the rise in natural disasters due to climate change.

We Feed People airs on Disney+ Hong Kong on Friday, 27 May. 

Disney Movies And Shows For Young Kids On Disney+ Hong Kong

Disney Plus Hong Kong Toy Story Family Life

Toy Story – Pixar

A favourite for all ages, we recommend watching any one of the four movies from the Toy Story franchise (or a marathon!). Andy Davis’ beloved toys come to life when no one’s watching and in this movie, cowboy-toy Woody is faced with a potential threat, Buzz Lightyear, who quickly impresses the crowd. Despite the first installation releasing in 1996, Woody and his crew continue to give new meaning to friendship, humour, and adventure. 

Sassy Mama tip: Watch Toy Story before your next visit to Disneyland Hong Kong and make a bee-line for Toy Story Land!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Disney Junior

Before you know it, the little ones will be chanting “Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse” and pretend they know magic! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse interactively teaches problem-solving skills and important life lessons through the many adventures Mickey and his friends go on. Since the series is focused on pre-schoolers, you can expect each episode to be filled with sing-along rhymes that keep the tots on their toes.

More Disney+ Recommendations For Young Kids:

  • Frozen – Animation/fantasy/musical
  • PJ Masks – Animation/children’s TV/superhero
  • Doc McStuffins – Animation/children’s TV/educational
  • Finding Nemo – Adventure/animation
  • Sofia the First – Animation/fantasy/musical

Disney Movies And TV Shows For Older Kids On Disney+ Hong Kong

Disney Plus Hong Kong Encanto Family Life

Encanto – Disney

We don’t talk about Bruno – or do we? Become a part of the magical Madrigal family, with each member possessing a superpower – from healing to super strength and shapeshifting. The movie explores the power and unity of family and how every member plays a role in keeping the “encanto” (meaning charm) alive. The attention to detail, colourful and vibrant representation of Colombian culture and the catchy songs (penned by none other than Lin Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame) make Encanto a pleasure to watch (and re-watch!).

Avengers Assemble – Marvel

For a short and punchy Avengers adrenaline-kick, Avengers Assemble delivers an old-school style animation, packed with action. If your child wants a deep-dive on all things Iron Man and Marvel’s mightiest heroes, they’ll appreciate all five seasons! As opposed to other Marvel movies and shows, Avengers Assemble isn’t gory and even if fight scenes intensity, they’re backed with comedic elements (a sigh of relief for parents).

Disney Plus Hong Kong Luca Family Life

More Disney+ Recommendations For Older Kids:

  • Weird but True! – Docuseries/educational
  • Night at the Museum – Fantasy/comedy
  • Moana – Adventure/animation/musical
  • Luca – Animation/coming-of-age/fantasy
  • The BFG – Adventure/fantasy

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Disney Movies And TV Shows For Tweens On Disney+ Hong Kong

Disney Plus Hong Kong Turning Red Family Life

Turning Red – Pixar

When your child is a tween, it may get tricky to put into conversation the transition of becoming a teen. That’s when movies like Turning Red can be entertaining as well as relatable (mostly for girls). The giant red panda is an adorable and humourous metaphor for hitting puberty (a topic rarely discussed in movies), and the animated comedy is filled with heart-warming scenes on the bonds of family and friendship (and boy bands!).

Welcome To Earth – National Geographic

Travel to the world’s best kept hidden gems from the comfort of your couch, and with the company of Will Smith. The six-part docuseries follows the actor to uncharted and the most remote locations including Icelandic glaciers, the Namibia Desert, and the heart of an active volcano in the Pacific region. Welcome to Earth gives you an adrenaline rush without moving a finger and remains educational throughout each episode (kids and parents alike will learn a ton of new info about the world and its creatures).

More Disney+ Recommendations For Tweens:

  • Coco – Animation/fantasy
  • What If…? – Action adventure/animation/anthology/science-fiction/superhero
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days – Comedy/fiction
  • Avengers: Infinity War – Action/adventure/fantasy/science-fiction/superhero
  • Up – Adventure/animation/comedy/fantasy

Disney Movies And TV Shows For Teens And Adults On Disney+ Hong Kong

Disney Plus Hong Kong Loki Family Life

Loki – Marvel

There may be a lot of Marvel shows to watch on Disney+, but Loki has garnered a fan following. The plot follows the after events of Avengers: Endgame where Loki (Tom Hiddleston) resumes his role as God of Mischief. Problem arises when an alternate version of Loki creates a new timeline and Loki needs to restore time and space or he may be erased from existence. Older kids will enjoy this series as it’s about Loki’s ever-changing sense of identity and also looks into his insecurities. Each episode may be slightly lengthy (almost an hour long) but there are only six episodes and a second season is in the works.

Hidden Figures – Star Movies

This inspiring biographical drama not only has a strong cast, but also powerful messages. Three African-American women who work for NASA as mathematicians play a pivotal role in astronaut John Glenn’s launch into orbit. The movie explores their hurdles in a racially segregated society devoid of equal opportunities and where discrimination in the workplace and public is rife. Hidden Figures also goes to show women too can go above and beyond to achieve their dreams and no career field is out of reach.

Disney Plus Hong Kong Turning Soul Life

More Disney+ Recommendations For Teens And Adults:

  • Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted – Docuseries/travel
  • Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings – Action/adventure/fantasy/science-fiction/superhero
  • Cruella – Adventure/drama
  • The Mandalorian – Adventure fiction/drama/space western
  • Soul – Animation/comedy/drama/fantasy/music

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How To Watch Disney+ in Hong Kong

There are only two different price plans for Disney+ Hong Kong. You can either pay monthly for $73 or annually for $738 (saving 15%). Either way, both plans come with endless streamingseven different profiles that four different devices  can watch at the same time. You can download the Disney+ app on both Google Play and Apple Store.

Disney+ Hong Kong,

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