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The Drunken Pot: The Ultimate Hot Pot Experience in TST

The Drunken Pot, hot pot in TST
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If you’re looking to wow visitors from out of town, take them for some next level hot pot at The Drunken Pot!

Even though the weather has warmed up, I have to say I still have a penchant for hot pot every now and then. With my parents visiting from out of town, I knew I wanted to take them out for some good ol’ Chinese dining but I wanted it to be unique and not something they could get back in Canada.

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When I had the chance to try out The Drunken Pot’s newest creation, I jumped at the chance to bring my mums and pops to something next level. And by next level, I mean, truly next level! The whole experience was full of artistic expressions from their gorgeous interior to their menu options.

The Drunken Pot interior

Inspired by the art culture in Hong Kong, The Drunken Pot (along with it’s stunning and trendy interior designed executed by young restauranteur Vivian Shek) has taken it upon themselves to bring to diners an elevated hot pot experience without breaking the bank.

Laksa hot pot, penguin shaped fish balls

The pièce de résistance had to be the spicy yet tangy, laksa soup base broth which was generously brimming with seafood and aptly named “The Secret Garden” ($298) as it was presented with edible flowers. There was everything from fresh prawns to muscles and everything you would imagine a solid laksa to have. And this was just the soup base!

Penguin shaped fish ball

To accompany the hot pot were the delicious fish balls ($88 for three pieces) that were shaped into the most adorable penguins included a piece of chive tied around it’s neck as a scarf and a piece of carrot for it’s beak. They were almost too cute to eat… but just almost!

Premium sliced angus beef chuck

No hot pot is complete without thinly sliced and well marbled beef. We had the chance to try their premium sliced Angus beef chuck ($188) that was hung ever so delicately above a bed of ice to keep it fresh.

And my personal fav at any hot pot meal is the deep-fried bean curd sheets. But The Drunken Pot took a classic and made it even better (if that’s even possible…!) and added a layer of seaweed in the rolls.

Assorted raw fish burger

As if that wasn’t enough food for the three of us, we also got to try the Assorted Raw Fish Rice Burger ($88). I have to be honest though, this was not my favourite as I found it to be heavy on the rice. However, the presentation was impressive and pieces of sashimi inside the “burger” were fresh and delicious.

Three unique cocktails from The Drunken Pot

We sipped on their signature cocktails and were impressed with the unique flavours and how they were presented. My mum had the Aprillis which consisted of sake, rose syrup, yuzu, crème de fraise, strawberries and half and half. It was light, delicate and not too overpowering with sake – just the way my mum likes it!

My dad took to the traditional looking (and stronger!) cocktail named and called after Beggar So, The Brilliant Beggar. The strong flavours of big gin, Chinese wine, Chinese tea, bitter truth celery bitters and Mancino Bianco worked well together and was a refreshing pairing to our spicy hot pot.

I had the beautiful (and definitely Instagram-worthy) Hua Mulan of TST named after the famous legend of Mulan (talk about girl power!). It was tart, smooth and delightful with a light taste of rose hip.

We were properly stuffed at the end of the meal and truly enjoyed our experience at The Drunken Pot. Both mum and dad kept saying how they loved the unique atmosphere and dishes served. They were really impressed and we had enjoyed catching up over this unique experience. At the end of the day, enjoying good eats with the people you love (whom you don’t get to see often!) is really what it’s all about. I would highly recommend this place for bringing your family and friends visiting from out of town!

The Drunken Pot2/F, 8 Observatory Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon; 2321 9038. Open every day from 12 – 3pm and 6pm – 12am.

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