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Where To Find Kids’ Luggage And Travel Accessories For Families

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Looking for the perfect kids’ luggage? These bags, travel accessories and helpful gadgets will make your next family getaway as smooth as can be.

Any parent knows that taking a flight with little ones in tow can often be tedious. Add to that the stress of packing, delayed flights and lost baggage (not to mention the jet lag to follow!), and you’ve got a recipe for a meltdown. Fret not, there are plenty of kids’ luggage and travel accessories out there that can help you get through long-distance flights with the family. Check out our top picks below!

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anorak family travel accessories kids travel

ANORAK – Stylish family-sized travel wallets

When it comes to travelling with the whole family, organisation is king. You wouldn’t want to spend too much time looking through bags for travel documents or worse, lose something important! ANORAK creates beautiful travel accessories in vibrant colours and premium leather that help you stay organised (and stylish!) on the go. Its family-sized travel wallet can hold all your essentials – documents, cards, travel sim cards, cash and multiple passports. It has RFID protection for safety, plus you can customize it with your name!

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How Much: $750 (with free shipping)
Where To Buy: ANORAK

ANORAKInstagram: @anorakgram,

trunki kids luggage travel accessories ride on luggage kids

Trunki – Ride-on kids’ luggage in the shape of their favourite characters

We love kids’ luggage that makes travel easy and fun! Trunki offers character-shaped suitcases that fit all the things your kid will need on their holiday, plus its unique design which can be taken on flights as hand luggage allows them to ride on the suitcases for hours of entertainment. No more airport tantrums!

How Much: From $499
Where To Buy: Baby Central

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sammies by samsonite kids backpack kids luggage travel accessories

Sammies Dreams By Samsonite – Colourful backpacks perfect for kids’ travel

Making travel easier for adults since 1910, Samsonite launched its children’s range Sammies Dreams featuring colourful backpacks that are fun and easy to use (and can be carried on an aeroplane!). It has 3D details that kids will love to play with, a spacious compartment for storage and adjustable shoulder straps for kids of different heights.

How Much: From $240
Where To Buy:

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micro lazy kids luggage

Micro – Kids’ luggage that converts into a ride-on vehicle

Tired of carrying your baby buggy everywhere you travel? The Micro Lazy Luggage is a multi-functional travel gadget that converts from trolley luggage to a kids’ ride-on vehicle. It can carry children over 18 months old (up to 50kg) and has a handlebar for safety and comfort.

How Much: $1,799
Where To Buy: Micro and Kinderspiel

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Kikkerland Zip & Flip Travel Pillow – Kids’ travel toy that converts into a neck pillow

A cuddly toy and travel pillow in one? Yes, please! Kikkerland Zip & Flip Travel Pillow changes from a stuffed animal to an ultra-comfy U-shaped neck pillow in just seconds! Its design ensures that the pillow stays concealed and clean while travelling.

How Much: $255
Where To Buy:
Homeless HK

Zest Kids Travel Blanket Kids accessories kids luggage

zestt Kids Travel Blanket Bear – Cute travel blankets that are easy-to-transport

Bringing your kids’ blanket on the plane is a must! Not only will you avoid the questionable hygiene of the reusable airline blankets but you’ll also avoid all that troublesome plastic wrapping. zestt makes kids’ travel blankets that are easy to transport and perfect for snuggling on the go!

How Much: $969
Where To Buy: Petit Bazaar

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JetKids™ by Stokke BedBox™ – Kids’ luggage that transforms into a ride-on and a bed

This is no ordinary kids’ luggage! Not only does it have plenty of storage to hold your kiddo’s essentials, but it also lets your little one ride it (or pull it) through the airport. What’s more, once the seat belt sign is off, you can transform it from a suitcase to a bed in a few simple steps. It has a mattress and soft side panels that provide comfort and rest for your little one.

Sassy Mama Tip: Check with your airline if you’re allowed to bring the Bedbox onboard.

How Much: $1,590
Where To Buy: Baby Central

fly tot inflatable footstool kids luggage kids travel accessories

Fly Tot – Inflatable footstool travel accessory ideal for long-haul flights

Inflatable footstools are a great accessory for making sure the kids (and you!) get some rest. Fly Tot’s light and compact inflatable cushion allow smaller children to lay completely flat and have more rest time on long-haul flights.

Sassy Mama Tip: Be sure to check if your airline accepts these footrest devices prior to check-in. We also recommend planning your seating arrangement so that the cushions do not interfere with other passengers’ space. Remember – footrests cannot be used during take-off or landing and many airlines will require safety belts and supervision when using them.

How Much: From $619 (free shipping to Hong Kong)
Where To Buy: Fly Tot

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olli ella kids luggage travel accessoy travel accessories

Olli Ella – Eco-friendly kids’ carry-on luggage

Olli Ella’s eco-friendly kids’ luggage is a must-have for any jet-setting kiddo. It’s made from recycled or used materials, is water-resistant and suitable for children over 3 years old.

How Much: $1,118
Where To Buy: Smallable

Kids’ Travel Tray – Multi-functional travel tray for kids

Worried about kids getting bored on the plane? Avoid those aeroplane tantrums with a ‘Snack & Play’ travel tray that is designed for children to play, eat and draw. It has a waterproof surface and an adjustable strap, plus little compartments to hold their colouring book, pencils, toys, water bottle and more.

How Much: $675
Where To Buy: Fishpond


Cotton On Packing Cells – Organisation travel accessories for kids’ luggage

Mamas know that organisation is key when packing for kids! These 3-packing cubes from Cotton On will keep your and your kiddo’s luggage all in place and help you make the most of the space you have.

How Much: $169 (For one large, one medium and one small mesh zip-up bag)
Where To Buy: Cotton On

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bamini kids headphones kids travel accessory

Bamini Kids’ Headphones – Essential and protective travel accessory in kids’ luggage

Many children have strong reactions to cabin pressure, it may be heightened if your child is on the verge of getting sick or getting over something. Bamini children’s headphones have volume limiters (at 85 decibles, as recommended by WHO), plus its hypoallergenic earpads are soft and suitable for kids’ sensitive skin.

How Much: From $338
Where To Buy: HKTV Mall

Editor’s Note: “Where To Find Kids’ Luggage And Travel Accessories” was most recently updated in May 2023 by Najuka Redkar.


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