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What To Gift Yourself: 5 Gift Ideas To Treat Yo’ Self!

What To Gift Yourself Hong Kong Self Care
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We had a discussion at the office recently about saving up to treat ourselves to something we really want. So we thought of dropping some tokens of appreciation from yourself, to yourself.

Listen, it doesn’t have to be the festive season, your birthday or your anniversary, while receiving gifts from loved ones will always be treasured, there’s nothing quite empowering, loving and uplifting as gifting something to yourself. Some of the Sassy Mamas have saved up some extra cash to get the dream bag they want and have taken themselves on date nights and solo staycations, and it sure left the rest of them team inspired to do just that!

Moms especially, in the midst of juggling work life, chores, spending time with the family, you name it, often neglect self care. Or it’s been on their mind to treat themselves but things seem to keep getting in the way. And even when we treat ourselves, we sometimes think of how it can also spread cheer to the family. Here are five of Sassy Mama’s recommendations for presents to gift to yourself (and yourself alone!), any time of the year.

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Sign Up For Subscription Plans

This one’s a little cheeky – you’re gifting yourself something that you’ll receive on a monthly basis, and we’re here for it! Subscription plans can be getting groceries delivered straight to your door, a monthly flower refresh (because who doesn’t love them!), a gym or yoga membership, healthy meal plans, your favourite streaming platform (be it Netflix, HBO, Spotify or even Youtube Premium!) or period products so you don’t ever have to panic about running out of pads or tampons for when Aunt Flo rings the bell!

What To Gift Yourself Hong Kong Self Care Clothing

Some New Style Piece Because When You Look Good, You Feel Good!

Our style evolves and we’re often influenced by what others are sporting (in fact, we’re always complimenting each other at the office!). You can shop at local Hong Kong brands, sustainable fashion, pre-loved clothing, or anywhere that you fancy (we’re often poached by Instagram ads and we’ve bought some of the nicest clothing online!). 

What you gift yourself also matters, some new lingerie to feel sexy and confident in your own skin; athleisure to feel great while working towards your best self; some silky loungewear, or even just restocking your panties! It doesn’t matter how big or small your gift is, it’s about how it makes you feel.

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What To Gift Yourself Hong Kong Self Care Solo Staycaation

Take Yourself On A Solo Staycation

While travelling solo might require more planning, a solo staycation within the city is not only much easier to plan, but Hong Kong also has a number of award-winning hotels to indulge in! Look for all-inclusive packages that come with dining credits and/or spa credits to truly immersive yourself in luxury. Don’t forget to bring along some bath bombs and bubbly for the perfect pamper sesh.

Also be sure to communicate well with your partner or helper about taking care of the kids and so on, and learn to trust them to do a good job while you’re in “do not disturb” mode!

Check our staycations guide and also take note of the best spas and hotel swimming pools in Hong Kong.

What To Gift Yourself Hong Kong Self Care jewellery

Gift Yourself Meaningful Accessories

By meaningful, we don’t necessarily mean sentimental (it can be of course!), it also also depends on how you gift this accessory to yourself. Like we mentioned earlier, it could be saving some cash on the side each month to purchase this one item, or just finally splurging on the dream item you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s jewellery, a nice designer bag that’ll last you for years to come, a hot new pair of shoes, or even gadget accessories like noise-cancelling headphones or an LED face mask. The possibilities are endless!

What To Gift Yourself Hong Kong Self Care travel

Treat Yourself To An Adventure!

Creating memories to tell your grandkids about the time you went on a helicopter ride above your favourite city will always have its wow factor! Being adventurous can be subjective – to some it’s diving off a plane and to some it can be enrolling for an open mic, whatever it is, the world’s your oyster! Come summer season, you can try your hand at water sports like wakeboarding and kayaking. If you ever wonder, “Do I still have the energy in me to do this?”, the answer is yes!

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