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A&M Groceries: Hard to find bits and pieces from the US of A

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How many times have I run out of Dreft Stain Remover or Flintstones vitamins and wondered whether or not it was rude of me to ask my mom to ship just those one or two things to Hong Kong for me? Well really, it’s for the grandchildren so it seems okay to ask, but then I get all, “While you’re at the store could you just pick up some Yogurt Cheerios and stick them in the package too..and by the way we don’t get decent gum, so…”

This is why I was so glad to discover A&M grocery store conveniently located in the basement of the Shun Tak Centre, literally steps away from the MTR. The store itself is clean and bright and relatively easy to navigate. They stock a variety of groceries from the USA, and have extensive baking and baby sections.  I was so happy to find Progresso Italian bread crumbs… Why doesn’t anybody else stock them in HK? The owner, Valerie, tells me the idea to develop the store started when she realized how much money she was spending on shipping items from the USA to HK for her own use. Valerie knows the value of having the exact product you want. As a result, the greatest thing about the store is the customer service. When I needed that Dreft stain remover (a product I believe all moms should have because I have not met a stain that can beat it) Valerie emailed me when it arrived. You can also pre-order items and Valerie can give you an approximate arrival date. A&M has a membership club which allows you to purchase items at a discount and shop online. Free delivery for orders over $800HKD. So next time you need 100 cal packs or Plum Organics baby food, check out A&M.

A&M US Groceries, 200 Connaught Rd, Shop B06-09, Shun Tak Centre, Sheung Wan, 2548 8200

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