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Aromatherapy During Pregnancy

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Hong Kong-based aromatherapist, Ling Yee, is passionate about her home-blended essential oils, and the amazing effects they can have, especially during pregnancy. Ling Yee was born and raised in Germany, and ended up working in the kids clothing business, during which time she met many pregnant women and mothers who were having health issues, or behaviour problems with their babies and children. When she became a certified holistic aromatherapist, she was inspired to create a collection of oils specifically for pregnant women and children. Ling Yee (having worked all over the world) now runs her practice here in HK (and just finished a Master’s in Buddhist Studies at HKU!) – she offers a range of Body and Facial Oils and Custom Blends which can help with both physical and emotional ailments.

We caught up with Ling Yee to find out what kinds of oils she recommends for those yucky pregnancy symptoms we can all do without!

Firstly, we’re used to hearing that essential oils are dangerous during pregnancy – what is different about yours that makes them safe?

All Essential Oils I use for pregnant women, for babies and children are very very safe (and sourced from the UK). The suggested dilution for pregnant woman is 2% to fall within the safety guideline. The dilution of my Essential Oil blends I make for pregnant women is between 1% – 1.5%. Because of this, my customers don’t need to worry about safety at all.

There are Essential oils that might be harmful for pregnant women when used in a high dilution such as Fennel, Juniperberry, Rosemary etc. but I don’t use these at all. I bear in mind that pregnant women can be hypersensitive to scents when creating my oils!

How can I get the best results from using aromatherapy oils during and after pregnancy?

Aromatherapy can help to relieve many problems in pregnancy such as morning sickness, varicose veins, edema, backache and stretch marks. It can also help to minimize labor pains, re-tone the mother’s body after giving birth and balance the mood.

Aromatherapy baths during pregnancy are very beneficial. During and after the pregnancy the skin can be very sensitive. In this case, you can add Essential Oil to a teaspoon of Jojoba oil before adding them to the bath water.

Massages with a high quality Essential Oil blends are beneficial during the entire 9 month period of pregnancy and they can helpprepare the mother’s body for the birth. However, the massage should be light and during the first three months of pregnancy it is best to avoid the lower abdomen. Don’t get a massage if you feel at all unwell.

Which oils in particular are helpful for which symptoms?

For morning sickness, you can inhale or sniff a blend of Spearmint, Ginger and Lavender. For backache, I recommend a combination of Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Eucalyptus, gently massages into the area that aches (rope hubby in!).

To avoid those dreaded stretch marks, you can try Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Mandarin, Neroli and Lavender, rubbed over tummy, buttocks and breasts.

I would suggest that the pregnant woman should either go to a certified Aromatherapist who is experienced in pregnancy massage or if the pregnant woman already has a pregnancy masseuse, she should bring her own oils for the massage.

And during labour itself? Is there anything that could help with that?

During labour a good blend would be Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Jasmine, May chang and Sandalwood. There are also many oils that are good after labour such as for re-toning, cellulitis, sore & cracked nipples, weak immunity, reenergizing, post natal blues/fatigue, mastitis etc.

Visit Ling Yee’s website for more information about her range of products…

Ling Yee’s Aromatherapy Products are available at the IMI (Integrated Medicine Institute) and the Vitality Center (a holistic clinic)  in Central.


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