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Introducing Feedibaby: The First Ever Smart Baby Feeding Dock

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A fuss-free way to track your baby’s liquid intake

We’re always looking for ways to make life with the little ones that little bit easier. Hong Kong’s innovation never ceases to amaze us –  especially when it’s targeted to put a mama’s mind at rest. As a new parent, it can be a bit overwhelming monitoring everything that’s going on with our newborn, so anything that helps is welcomed with open arms. We know that it’s absolutely vital to make sure that our bubs are getting all the nutrients they need, which is why we were so thrilled to hear about the launch of Feedibaby!

Feedibaby is the first smart baby feeding dock company – and it’s JUST become available in Hong Kong! This smart dock allows carers a fuss-free, paper-free way to track your baby’s intake. Whether it’s baby formula, breastmilk, water or puree, the Feedibaby automatically records how much is consumed and when it’s consumed – all at at a click of the button (see, told you it was smart!).

By saving time and ensuring efficiency, the dock alleviates some of the anxiety around baby allergies and overfeeding. The special features include an automatic diet tracking, a meal and trendline analysis, a breastfeeding timer, and a growth chart. It also offers a food database and nutritional breakdown, and to top it all off, Feedibaby is compatible with most major baby bottle and puree brands!

The data is automatically synced to the Feedi app on your mobile and can even share the information with up to 5 of your chosen registered users in real time (be it mum, dad, grandparents or helpers).  By doing this, it hopes to encourage sharing of the baby duties – something we are definitely on board with!

Oh, and did we mention that you also have the option to schedule useful reminders based on your desired feeding pattern via the App? Bonus.

A proper diet pattern in the first 5 years of life could sharply reduce the baby risk of adult obesity and food allergy (which the founder Juliana suffers from and passionate to sooth others’ situation). After working for over 18 months on developing and refining Feedibaby, they launched a product that is close to their heart through a global crowdfunding campaign. Feedibaby strives to visualise the diet and growth pattern of your precious one and encourage everyone in the family to tackle the issue together.

As a bonus, Feedibaby is offering a special 30% off discount for Sassy Mama. Check it out whilst stock lasts!

Brought to you in partnership with Feedibaby

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