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Best Bubble Tea Shops In Hong Kong

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Bubble tea is the perfect pick-me-up drink for any time of day! Bookmark this page for the next time you go searching for “bubble tea near me”…

Calling all bubble tea lovers! From classic boba tea flavours to innovative new concoctions, we know how hard it is to resist the chewy goodness of the little tapioca pearls, refreshing fruit teas and creamy cheese foam toppings. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of bubble tea shops in town (we don’t blame you, there’s literally one in every corner!), fret not. We’ve rounded up a list of the top places to find bubble tea in Hong Kong, so you’ll never have to settle for a mediocre sip again!

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Mother Pearl Bubble Tea Shop In Hong Kong

Mother Pearl – Hong Kong-based vegan bubble tea

With a name that symbolises the brand’s dedication to both the motherhood and nature, Mother Pearl was created as an alternative, healthier version of bubble tea in Hong Kong. All the ingredients for its bubble teas are made from scratch, including its plant-based “mylk”, superfood tapioca pearls and natural sweeteners. Talk about a guilt-free treat!

Mother Pearlvarious locations across Hong Kong,

Silk Tea Bubble Tea Hong Kong

Silk. – Bubble tea inspired by Hong Kong-style milk tea

Inspired by the sweet and silky Hong Kong-style milk tea, Silk uses a unique blend of black tea from Sri Lanka, evaporated milk from Hong Kong and raw ingredients from Taiwan to create its smooth, subtle and silky-textured bubble teas. We love the Smooth As Silk Boba, 3.6 Hokkaido Milk Mango and Cheese Cloud teas.

Silkvarious locations across Hong Kong,

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Cupfy Bubble Tea Shop Hong Kong

Cupfy – Eco-conscious bubble tea brand in Hong Kong

Homegrown brand Cupfy (a play on cup-free) focuses on offering healthier bubble tea options while being environmentally conscious. When you visit Cupfy, your bubble tea will be served in a glass, and they even encourage customers to bring their to-go cups for a sustainable experience. You’ll find that the bubble tea and other beverages here are lightly sweetened with raw cane sugar or sugar-free maltitol.

Cupfyvarious locations across Hong Kong,

A Nice Gift Bubble Tea Hong Kong

A Nice Gift – Bubble tea with cute cup illustrations and a good cause

If you’re looking for an IG-worthy bubble tea, this place should be on your list. Not only does it serve high-quality Taiwanese teas, but it also has adorable illustrations on its cups. Plus, this bubble chain regularly works with NGOs to give back to those in need in Cambodia.

A Nice Giftvarious locations across Hong Kong,

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Tiger Sugar – Worldwide cult favourite bubble tea brand with stores in Hong Kong

No bubble tea list is complete without Tiger Sugar. This worldwide cult brand has eight stores in Hong Kong and is well-known for its hand-poured syrup-infused bubble tea drinks that resemble tiger stripes. We especially love the Black Sugar Boba Milk With Cream Mousse.

Tiger Sugarvarious locations across Hong Kong,

Heytea Hong Kong Bubble Tea

HEYTEA – Bubble tea brand that first introduced the cheese-in-tea trend!

A renowned Chinese tea chain originating from Guangdong, HEYTEA first introduced the cheese-in-tea trend to the world in 2012 without artificial ingredients. Its original Very Grape Cheezo bubble tea concoction is consistently a customer favourite and has been sold more than 100 million times!

HEYTEA, various locations across Hong Kong,

Milksha – Fresh milk bubble tea in Hong Kong

For bubble tea lovers who prefer milky tea, Milksha is the place to be. This establishment serves beverages crafted with fresh milk sourced from their pastures in Taiwan. While the cup sizes are not particularly large, about the size of your palm, the flavours more than compensate for it.

Milkshavarious locations across Hong Kong,

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NUTTEA – Nut-based bubble milk tea in Hong Kong

NUTTEA sells bubble teas made with its flagship product Nut Mylk, created by baking and cold-pressing a blend of five nuts. Try the Ruby Black Nut Mylk Tea or our personal favourite Earl Grey Tea with Chocolate Nut Cream.

NUTTEAvarious locations across Hong Kong,

Bubble Tea Hong Kong Milk Tea

More Bubble Tea Shops In Hong Kong

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