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Hong Kong Gifts: Farewell Gift Ideas And Souvenirs

Hong Kong Farewell Gifts Souvenirs Whats On
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A Hong Kong-themed farewell gift is the perfect souvenir for someone leaving the city. Add a personalised touch to these lifestyle gifts for a treasure that’ll be remembered.

With the good news of Hong Kong borders opening up, we can finally welcome our friends and family aboard to pay the 852 a visit! At the same time, we’re facing an exodus of beloved friends and colleagues leaving the city and relocating. From the Star Ferry to pineapple buns and yum cha, Hong Kong has one too many icons that stay close even if you depart the city. And they make amazing farewell gifts too, there’s everything from cards to photo frames, mugs, bags, Hong Kong experiences and more. These Hong Kong brands stock the best souvenirs and farewell gifts and you best believe we’ve shopped at a bunch of them even if we’re born and raised here (and plan to stay here)!

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Hong Kong Farewell Gifts Souvenirs Whats On: Alvin CK Lam Artwork Postacrds

Alvin C.K. Lam – Watercolour paintings of true, unsung heroes of Hong Kong

It’s hard to pick which one of Alvin’s paintings you want, they bring so much nostalgia and the attention to detail is impeccable. So we say go for all of his “Unspoken Stories, Unsung Heroes” and “Sunset Warriors of Hong Kong” paintings, these postcards ($308 for 13) are perfect to gift someone leaving Hong Kong, they can easily be framed and they’re super affordable.

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Hong Kong Farewell Gifts Souvenirs Whats On: My Hong Kong Alphabets Book

My Hong Kong – Children’s alphabet and numbers book, Hong Kong-themed

Have your toddlers learn their ABCs, the Hong Kong way! ‘My Hong Kong Alphabet’ ($160) is a collection of family memories from Hong Kong which will resonate with parents and children and makes a thoughtful farewell gift.

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Hong Kong Farewell Gifts Souvenirs Whats On: M.H. Blocks

M.H. Blocks – Hong Kong local brand selling LEGO versions of Hong Kong’s icons

Want to take home a small piece (literally!) of Hong Kong’s icons – be it ding dings, the Clock Tower or Tin Hau temples – but have the kids build it to treasure it? These lego-style blocks make great Hong Kong souvenirs for kids above 3 (choking hazard so keep your eyes on them) and we love the details of this miniature Exhibition Centre ($388).

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Hong Kong Farewell Gifts Souvenirs Whats On: Tiny Island Umbrella

Tiny Island – Hong Kong souvenirs and farewell gifts, think umbrellas, towels and limited edition prints

When you see a print of Hong Kong from above, you almost instantly know these maps are from Tiny Island! There are maps prints of numerous Hong Kong districts, so you can thoughtfully gift your friend’s neighbourhood for them to take away. But if you ask us, we would go for the Hong Kong Umbrella ($340) so we can flaunt our beautiful city wherever we are!

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Hong Kong Farewell Gifts Souvenirs Whats On: Gift Less Ordinary Casette Tape Album

Gift Less Ordinary – Personalised Hong Kong gifts

If you’re looking for personalised gifts that’ll help carry for meaning, look no further than Gift Less Ordinary. You can shop jewellery, art prints and more but for a farewell gift, we love its Double Happiness Weaved Of Love Cassette Album ($1,075) which is woven using a cassette tape and you can add your own message to them.

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Hong Kong Farewell Gifts Souvenirs Whats On: Milk It Baby Play Mat

Milk It Baby – Hong Kong gift sets for babies including bibs, playmats and bamboo tableware

Milk It Baby Play Mats are made using 100% sustainable and non-toxic TPU Foam and are free from PVC, BPA and latex, making it the safest choice for babies and toddlers and Hong Kong Play Mat ($1,495)? Prepare to teach your little ones all about Ocean Park, Hong Kong Disneyland, dim sum and more.

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Hong Kong Farewell Gifts Souvenirs Whats On: The Wax Can Candle

The Wax Can – Hong Kong-themed candles for farewell gifts and souvenirs

They say scent is one of the very important senses attached to memory, so carry the scent of Home Kong wherever else you venture to. We love the Tuen Mun Ferry Pier candle ($155) and the Show Me Your Love Rice ($155) to remember Hong Kong’s yummy cha chaan teng food, and did we mention it also has a Iced Lemon Tea scent (which unfortunately is sold out at the moment)?

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Hong Kong Farewell Gifts Souvenirs Whats On: TREE Chinese tea cup

TREE – A variety of household items and furniture with Hong Kong-themed ceramics

When you think about farewell gifts and Hong Kong souvenirs, your mind may not immediately think of the furniture store TREE but its Willow collection comes with coasters, teapots, cups and even tea towels all designed with the Hong Kong skyline. We particularly love the Willow Harbour Chinese tea cup set to raise a glass for our city, with our city (well a drawn version of it).

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Hong Kong Farewell Gifts Souvenirs Whats On: Goods Of Desire Amah Bag

Goods Of Desire – A wide range of Hong Kong-themed farewell gifts, cards, souvenirs

The one-stop-shop for all things Hong Kong, you simply can’t go wrong with shopping at Good of Desire for quirky, Hong Kong farewell gifts, from miniature models of Hong Kong shops (that you construct yourself) to Nathan Road-themed cushions and creative lightings, to name but a few. But we have our heartstrings tied to the Mini Amah Crossbody Bag ($888) because it’s just so intrinsically Hong Kong!

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Hong Kong Farewell Gifts Souvenirs Whats On: The Lion Rock Press Puzzles

The Lion Rock Press – Hong Kong greeting cards, toys, stationery, gifts and souvenirs

The Lion Rock Press is often the first place we turn for Hong Kong gifts and decorations. Whether it’s a punny greeting card, puzzles for all ages or the annual Christmas decorations, it’s a one-stop-shop for farewell gifts. And when you want all the Hong Kong icons in one frame, the Double-Sided 1000 Piece Puzzle ($280) is not only a good challenge but also will make a pretty frame full of memories!

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Hong Kong Farewell Gifts Souvenirs Whats On: Lazy Duo Tattoos

Lazy Duo Old – Nostalgic Hong Kong-themed tattoos for farewell gifts

We’ve been stopped and asked, “Did you just get a tattoo?!”, because that’s how realistic the tattoos from Lazy Duo look. You can choose to go for temporary tattoos of vintage peony flowers, old Hong Kong candy or for the junk lovers, the Hong Kong Transportations Temporary Tattoos ($84) will hit the spot for a farewell gift!

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Hong Kong Farewell Gifts Souvenirs Whats On: Mazu Resortwear Men's Swim Shorts

Māzŭ Resortwear – Men’s resort wear with Hong Kong motifs for souvenirs

A true blend of tradition and modernity, Māzŭ pays homage to Hong Kong’s rich maritime history; incorporating traditional colours, local motifs, and unique fabrics to create men’s resort wear. If you’re going to flaunt the Junk Twilight Men’s Swim Shorts ($500), you’ll have all eyes on you and they’ll also instantly know you’re from Hong Kong!

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Farewell Gifts: Hong Kong Experience Gift Ideas

Sometimes a Hong Kong experience gift is more meaningful than endless trinkets, especially if it is for someone who’s set to leave Hong Kong. Here are some more ideas:

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Still looking for more Hong Kong farewell gift ideas? Check out revitalised buildings like PMQ. Tai Kwun or the Central Market to shop lesser known local brands, you may even stumble upon a weekend market. Or pop by the regular Handmade Hong Kong Markets.

Editor’s Note: “Hong Kong Farewell Gifts: Souvenirs And Gift Ideas” was originally published in July 2018 by Nikita Mishra and most recently updated in September 2022 by Fashila Kanakka. 

  Main image courtesy of Sassy Media Group with images from respective brands, image 1 courtesy of Alvin C.K. Lam, image 2 courtesy of Retykle, image 3 courtesy of M.H. Blocks, image 4 courtesy of Tiny Island, image 5 courtesy of Gift Less Ordinary, image 6 courtesy of Milk It Baby, image 7 courtesy of The Wax Can, image 8 courtesy of TREE, image 9 courtesy of Goods Of Desire, image 10 courtesy of The Lion Rock Press, image 11 courtesy of Lazy Duo, image 12 courtesy of Mazu Resortwear.

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