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Eatology: Eating Healthy Conveniently with Premium Delivery Service

Eatology Healthy Eating HK
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Eating the “Eatology” way to a healthier life…

I recently had baby number two so as you can imagine, life at Thompson HQ has gotten a tad bit hectic lately. And when life gets crazy my eating habits tend to go a bit haywire in that I end up nibbling on the go and generally those nibbles are not the best when it comes to meeting dietary requirements (hello sugar filled muffins, pizza and M&Ms).

first impressions

I am currently breastfeeding so knowing Jack was dependent on me making the right food choices I jumped at the chance to try the premium food delivery service: Eatology Asia. Not only was I wanting a convenient way to eat healthy (no excuses when the food is delivered to your door!) but I was also keen on shedding some baby weight in the healthiest way possible (see the end of the article for Eatology’s suggestion on post baby food delivery planning). And to further seal the deal for me, I had the benefit of knowing a friend who had lost weight on this food service plan so had already seen the benefits of eating the ‘Eatology way’ even before I started.


the food

Eatology offers six different programs (Lighter Delights, Balanced Living, Vegetarian, Optimal Performance, Tailor Made Meals and Vegan) so your first step is to identify which one is right for you. Since I needed to make sure I wasn’t skimping on the calories, I opted for the ‘Tailor Made’ plan so I could be sure my goals and breast feeding requirements were being addressed when coming up with my plan.

The Eatology team of nutritionists and chefs have developed 100 unique recipes so after you select your programme they will put together your menus for the length of time you have selected. You have the option of selecting breakfast, lunch and two snacks or the whole day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two snacks. From there you can choose what calorie option you would like and once those selections are made their team of experts put together a customised menu and then a few days later your programme can begin (you provide them with a home or office delivery address and drop off time). They even have a Diet Assessment Tool for those of us who are a bit unsure as to what programme is best.

I went with an option that delivered a full day’s worth of food plus two snacks so believe me when I say there was plenty of delicious and fresh food to go around. The one challenge I had actually was keeping on top of all the food. I found that by the time I had my breakfast, my mid-morning snack time had snuck up on me so there were instances where I saved the mid-morning snack for post dinner which I am guessing is an okay adjustment knowing it was a healthy after dinner treat. The calorie intake for the day was around 2,100 and below is a sample of my meals so you can see the variety and food selections they provide.


Day 1

Breakfast: Vichy Carrots & Zucchini Muffin, Greek Yogurt with Berries
1st Snack: Fruit Salad
Lunch: Tofu Souvlaki, Lentils with Sage and Potato Puree
2nd Snack: Zucchini Brushetta
Dinner: Baked Red Snapper with Sesame Sauce and Eatology Brown Rice

Day 2

Breakfast: Red Berries Porridge
1st Snack: Greek Yogurt with Roasted Almonds
Lunch: Sam Choy Pow with French Beans and Whole Wheat Pasta
2nd Snack: Watermelon Mint Fruit Salad
Dinner: Lemon and Chili Chicken with Creamy Avocado Quinoa Salad

Day 3

Breakfast: Bacon and Egg Cup, Fruit Salad
1st Snack: Mixed Cereals Salad
Lunch: Chicken Cordon Bleu with Broccoli Pasta Gratin
2nd Snack: Hummus with Whole Wheat Tortilla
Dinner: Vegan Lasagna

The daily meals are delivered all at once and since there is a lot of yummy food there is also a lot of packaging. Eatology has committed though to using biodegradable packaging and they even offer the option of returning the food cartons to them the next day when your food is being delivered. Prices start at $308 per day which to me is worth it for the amount of food you receive and the convenience that comes with delivering prepared meals straight to your doorstep.


the verdict

And my verdict? I loved having the deliveries each morning and seeing what was planned for me that day. I thought the food was well prepared and fresh and since there was an assessment of any dietary requirements prior to starting the plan I was sure that what was delivered was perfect for me to eat. I also felt that eating well thought out foods helped me make right choices in other areas of my life. I am notoriously horrible at drinking water and I found that on my Eatology days I drank way more water than normal as I just felt better about myself. Win, win all around!

Sassy Mama Asks Eatology…
For post-natal customers, which plan do you recommend and when do you suggest someone starts the service after birth?

Eatology Answers…
We would suggest a tailor-made programme based on the mother’s pre-pregnancy weight. We increase the calorie intake for breast feeding mothers. As the programs are mapped out by a dietician, mothers can start as soon as they feel ready after giving birth. New mums also need to be sure to take in plenty of fluids – it’s essential for milk production. We ensure our programs are calcium rich for postnatal mothers but may recommend a vitamin D supplement for vegans.

Eatology, Unit 4/G, Hong Kong Industrial Building, 444-452 Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong,

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