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How To Throw An Eras Tour Watch Party For Your Swiftie Kids At Home

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Party
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Want to host an Eras Tour watch party for your little Swifties and their friends? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to plan it!

If you tried to snag tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, you probably know that the shows were sold out within a matter of hours. But Don’t You worry, The Eras Tour Concert Film will debut on Disney Plus on Friday, 15 March 2024 and is the perfect opportunity to throw a watch party for your Swiftie kids. Even if they were one of The Lucky Ones to go to the live concert, this could be a great way to relive their magical experience (the post-concert blues are real!).

Don’t know where to begin? Read on for some tips and don’t miss out on the fun game at the end!

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Taylor Swift Eras Colours

Sassy Mama number peach 1Pick Your Colour Scheme a.k.a your “Era”

Any Swiftie can tell you that colour plays a major role in Taylor Swift’s albums. Each of her albums (or Eras) corresponds to a specific colour, for example, black for Reputation, golden for Fearless, purple for Speak Now and so on. If you don’t already know, ask your Swiftie kid about their favourite Era and go all out with outfits, balloons, fringe curtains, banners and wall decorations in that colour.

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Sassy Mama number peach 2Create A Friendship Bracelet-Making Station

Trading beaded friendship bracelets is an Eras Tour staple. In her song “You’re On Your Own, Kid”, Taylor Swift encourages people to “make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it” and it’s become a trend with Swifties to do just that!

You could purchase ready-made friendship bracelets from Taobao or Amazon or buy the beads and strings from HKTV mall and lay it out on a table for a friendship bracelet-making station at your watch party. You know All Too Well that your kids and their friends will love this activity!

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Sassy Mama number peach 3Design A DIY Polaroid Photo Booth

Cut some white foam boards to create oversized Polaroid-like frames that can be used as a photo booth. Add some lyrics to the bottom of each frame for some unique pictures. Using a Polaroid camera is another Timeless way to snap and preserve your child’s memories with their friends.

These are some lyrics that could work for the photo booth frames:

  • “Capture it, remember it”
  • “Today was a fairytale”
  • “Long Live all the magic we made”
  • “Best believe I’m still bejeweled”
  • “Lost in the memory”

Sassy Mama number peach 4Hang Up A Disco Ball

What’s a Taylor Swift watch party without a Mirrorball? You can expect your young Swifties to bust out their best moves as Taylor performs “Look What You Made Me Do” and “22” on the screen.

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Sassy Mama number peach 5Use Glitter…Lots Of It

Glitter and sparkles are part of many Taylor Swift songs and naturally, a must at this party. Paint the number 13 (Taylor’s favourite number and a nod to her “Speak Now” era) on the back of your child’s hand using nail polish, then pour glitter over it. Wait for it to dry and then tap or brush off the excess. You could even use the glitter on their face, but make sure it is safe for their skin.

Sassy Mama number peach 6Bake Some Chai Cookies

Many years ago, Taylor Swift used a classic sugar cookie recipe from the blog Joy The Baker and added chai spices to the glaze. And like with most things that she does, the internet went wild. If your kids are too young to know or remember this, impress them with this story. If they already know the story, impress them by whipping out a fresh batch of these cookies. You’ll thank us later!

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Sassy Mama number peach 7Champagne Problems Have Champagne Solutions

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you serve champagne to your teens and tweens! But there are some delicious sparkling teas available in Hong Kong such as Saicho or Fortnum & Mason that you could serve in break-resistant champagne flutes as a welcome drink. Apple juice can also do the trick!

Taylor Swift Easter Egg Hunt

Sassy Mama number peach 8Plan An Easter Egg Hunt

If there is one thing Swifties love more than listening to Taylor Swift, it’s decoding hidden clues (or Easter eggs, as she playfully refers to them) to upcoming announcements or albums that she plants in her performances, social media, music videos, lyrics, and more! You could get your little Masterminds excited before watching the film by asking them trivia questions, organising a mini scavenger hunt in your living room or using these free printable Swiftie puzzles.

Looking for something a bit more challenging? This article has 13 Taylor Swift song titles hidden throughout. Have your young Swiftie and their friends find them all! (Hint – When Taylor first started using Easter eggs in her lyric booklets, she would capitalise the first letter of every word that was meant to be a clue!)

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