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Exercising in the Third Trimester

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Q: What should I be doing differently in the gym now that I’m in my third trimester?

A: If you have already been exercising during the course of your pregnancy thus far then keep on doing it. Exercise will certainly help you to maintain strength and keep your metabolism high which will be vital for yours and your baby’s well being. The only difference to your workout routine that you need to change, however, is to avoid exercises lying on your back or any exercise that may increase that chance of you delivering a preterm baby. Performing exercises lying on your back may restrict blood flow to the baby.

You must also remember to include exercises that allow you to condition your core muscles. Try exercises using cables and in particular I would advise incorporating a side crunch exercise using your body weight (if possible). But always – and most importantly – listen to your body if it is telling you that you are over-exerting.

-Ed Chambers, Personal Trainer

A professional personal trainer for more than 10 years, Ed is one of Sassy Mama’s most trusted experts when it comes to staying in – or getting back into – shape.

Read more about Ed and Sassy Mama’s Asia’s other experts here.

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